Ten steps that will terminate ISIS completely from Mosul

10 points to truly defeat ISIS in Mosul:

The past three years of Mosul as we knew it was endorsed by ISIS. Before those three years, there was a fatal systematic failure that led to those last three years. This fatal failure didnot take place in a short period of time, but it took decades before it manifested into the last three years.

Below are ten steps that I vision to prevent this catastrophe from reoccurring again:

1- Building a local police force with training and new expertise, modernizing the police apparatus using modern techniques, inviting Mosul’s youth to volunteer in the police apparatus, and dividing the city into electronically monitored sectors by installing cameras (The state should inforce shops and store owners at all neighborhoods to install the cameras and connect tgem ) And preventing any other forces, whether tribal or other, from exercising the authorities inside Mosul.

2- Turning over the reconstruction of Mosul to private companies and foreign investment companies and never rely on any local authority and link donors (countries supporting the reconstruction) directly with foreign companies and in agreement with the central government.

3- Establishing a security and judicial system in conjunction with the Ministries of Justice, Interior, Defense, and Human Rights, Civil society committees, and the United Nations to deal with the issue of ISIS and its families and calling for the prosecution of those charged in public trial broadcast to all Iraqis and public screen boards on the streets. Also, for those who are proven their innocence on trial to be released and declare their innocence publicly as well. Moreover, stop and prevent any popular trials that would threaten security and civil peace.

4- Providing civil society committees and voluntary civic campaigns more attention, support, and organization to enable them to mobilize the youth and participate in further stablizing Mosul. Because civil society organizations are the Civic Establishment that is capable of carrying out effective campaigns, and directly linking them with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and the United Nations, and expediting the return of displaced persons to their areas.

5- The rehabilitation of the old city in accordance with its same previous style and never change anything of it. Also, to hand over its reconstruction, along with the archaeological sites and the Nuri Mosque and the Hadbaa minaret, to foreign architectural design companies and link the reconstruction directly with UNESCO. Also, to construct a new museum in Mosul for both the Assyrian and Islamic civilizations

6- The Iraqi military remains on the outskirts of Mosul through the rehabilitation of al-Ghazlani base and another base in north-west Mosul and al-Kindi base. The tasks of the military are not inside the cities, but the periphery and protection on the outside.

7- Delivery of the file of agriculture to international companies for the rehabilitation of the agricultural sector in Nineveh and the revival of agricultural areas and support for farmers Agriculture is a cornerstone in the development of the local economy.

8- Rehabilitation of factories in Mosul and supporting the industrial sector and industrialists in the city.

9- Establishing of a Council of Religions in Mosul that includes all religious and religious sects that will monitor the religious discourse in the city and prevent the dissemination of any extremist views or hate speech among sects and religions. This council will be able to discuss any views related to one religion without another before forming any decision that might generate a wave of hate and/or ignite a religious conflict.

10- Revitalize trade and reactivate its role in rebuilding Mosul.

Each one of those points tackle a single problem the city was, and still, suffer, and they are the roots of the solution we need to see take place in our future Mosul.

Revive Mosul’s identity – Rebuild Al-Hadbaa

Rebuilding Al-Hadbaa minarat is reviving the Identity of Mosul

We urge the international community and all institutions concerned with Cultural and Humanity heritage to IMMEDIATELY work on rebuilding Al-Hadbaa minarat for its cultural and humane value to the people of Mosul. 

The destruction of Al-Hadbaa minarat is a destruction of our human identity, hence our invitation to the world to rebuild it as a gesture of your genuine intention towards the city of Mosul and to substantiate your stand against terrorism that destroyed the human heritage.

We are aware that there are complete blueprints of Al-Hadbaa minarat in the possession of the Mosuli historian Ahmed Qasim Jum’a, and the existence of those blueprints will help in rebuilding the minarat. We need to restore the minarat and Al-Nuri Grand Mosque exactly to its previous state, for its value to the Mosulis is as valued as Life itself, and leaving it demolished means that Mosul will be dead forever.

Mosul Eye Cultural Festival to revive Mosul’s libraries

Let it be a Book … Rising from the Ashes

Date & Time: May 25th, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Festival’s Agenda:

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Guests’ Receiption

9:00 AM – 9:20 AM

Festival’s opening speech – by Mosul Eye founder

Introducing the participants and the organizing team.

A poem recitation about the festival, written and cited by Amna Thakir Al-Iraqi.

9:20 AM – 10:45 AM

The launching of the festival activities:

– photography exhibit – featuring the photographer: Ali Al-Baroodi, Laith Mohammed, and Ahmed Al-Hayiali. The exhibit consists of about 60 images, displayed in the walkway opposite to the library, some are colored and others in black and white. Each image is with a story and the photographers Will tell their stories.

– An open painting gallery, participating painters: Rahma, Issam, Abdurahman, Younis, and Mohammed. They will paint their vision of the festival.

– A music concert: participating players: Mohammed on Violin, Khalid on Oud, Al-Hakam on Guitar, and Mohammed on Guitar.

– Colorful letters: the guests will participate in creating an ensemble of messages to the world

– Donation: Announcing the beginning of donation receiption from doners.

10:45 AM – 11:00 AM

Every guest carries a book and walk to the alternative location in a straight line to transport the books.

Note: the entrance fees to the festival is a book that you can leave your touch in renovating and reviving Mosul’s libraries. Please be generous to be remembered for as long as your book’s existence.

Mosul Eye

Mosul Eye Iraqi Blood Covenant initiative for Iraqi’s Reconciliation

Mosul Eye will start planning and organizing the “Millenary  Legation” (a delegation team of a 1000 members) from the people of Nineveh to visit locally Southern Iraq cities to reconciliate with the rest of Iraq and honor Iraq’s Southerners sacrifices for Nineveh and reinstate peace and stability amongst the Iraqi people. We invite all the nobilities, the youth and all clergy of all religious groups to participate in this team.

Also, this team will extend its​ delegation to the entire world, to those who stood with the people of Nineveh in their ordeal with ISIL and those who helped in liberating us from ISIL and establish friendship and partnerhip with the world.

Today we stand and announce to the world that our city and province is not a battlefield for those who are looking for a field for their wars. Our people are very precious and our cities are very dear to our hearts and we cannot afford to live others’ conflicts. 

Our first destination will be Basra and from there, we will visit every city and town upwards to the north, and sign our blood covenant at Al-Qurnah, where the rivers Euphrates and Tigers meet.

Any one wants to participate in this covenant, please comment

Declaration and Announcement

Mosul Eye herein declares the following:

1- That Mosul Eye has never sought any assistance or grant or aid or donations under any circumstances from any local and/or foreign government or local and/or International organizations. 

2- That Mosul Eye have never accepted any assistance or grant or aid or donations of any sort from any local and/or foreign government or local and/or international organizations

3- That Mosul Eye does not have the intention to seek such assistance or grant or aid, or accept any donations under any circumstances from any local and/or foreign government or local and/or international organization in the future. Also, Mosul Eye hase never accepted any awards of any sort, not it has in its intention to accept any awards of any sort in the future.

4- That Mosul Eye is not affiliated with any governmental entity, local and/or foreign, nor affiliated with any local and/or foreign organizations other than the bodies Mosul Eye announced previously that it is part of, such as the Nineveh Documentation Observatory.

Therefore, We highly advise to be careful with any entity that seeks any assistance or grant or aid or donations in the name of Mosul Eye, that such requests are fraudulent and we in Mosul Eye declare that we are not responsible for such requests and will legally prosecute any entity that seeks such assistance in the name of Mosul Eye.

Mosul Eye

تنويه و اعلان

عين الموصل تعلن التالي:

١- بان عين الموصل لم تتقدم باي طلب لاي مساعدة او منحة او تبرع تحت اي ظرف من اي جهة، سواء كانت حكومية اجنبية او محلية، او اي منظمات او جمعيات محلية كانت او اجنبية في السابق.

٢- بان عين الموصل لم تقبل او تتسلم اي مساعدة او منحة او تبرعات باي شكل من الاشكال من اي جهة، سواء حكومية، محلية كانت ام اجنبية، او اي منظمات او جمعيات، اجنبية كانت ام محلية، و تحت اي ظرف. كما ان عين الموصل لم تقبل و لم تتسلم اي جوائز نقدية او معنوية من اي جهة كانت و تحت اي ظرف,و ليس في نيتها ان تقبل اية جوائز من اي نوع في المستقبل.

٣- ليس في نية عين الموصل التقدم باي طلب لاي مساعدة او منحة او تبرع او ان تقبل اي مساعدة او منحة او تبرع تحت اي ظرف من اي جهة، حكومية سواء كانت اجنبية او محلية، او اي منظمات او جمعيات، محلية كانت ام اجنبية.

٤- تعلن عين الموصل بانها ليست تابعة و لا منتسبة الى اي جهة كانت، سواء حكومية، اجنبية كانت ام محلية، او جمعيات او منظمات خيرية او غيرها، محلية كلنت ام اجنبية، عدا ما اعلنت عنه عين الموصل من انضمامها الى هيئات كمرصد نينوى للتوثيق.

و بذلك تريد عين الموصل ان تتوجه بالتحذير من ان اي طلب للمساعدة او المنحة او التبرع تتقدم به اي جهة تدعي بانها تمثل عين الموصل بان الطلب المقدم يعتبر احتيالا و ان عين الموصل غير مسؤولة عن مثل هذه الطلبات و ستقاضي قانونيا اي جهة تستغل اسم عين الموصل بهذا الخصوص.

و شكرا

عين الموصل

Mosul Plays its Music of Life and For Life

How did it all happened?

How the dream came true and Ameen played “I am Free” at one of the most ancient sites of the Assyrian civilization n Nineveh?
I wrote a few months ago about music here on my page Mosul Eye, I also wrote that I listen to Itzhak Perlman and about my wish of his first visit tour to Mosul to play his music at its first concert. One of the followers said: We have Ameen in Mosul! And I was hooked! .. I asked him to introduce us to each other. I remember writing to Ameen at the time asking him: Are you for real? And everything started from there. I came to know Ameen closer, and we talked alot. I asked him: would you promise to play music in Mosul one day? And he replied: this is been my dearm! I didn’t want to put him under pressure because he decided to leave Mosul after liberating the eastern bank of the city to Baghdad. I know he needed to recover after two brutal years of living under ISIL’s control that destroyed his instruments.

So I was listening passionately to Perlman last night and it was a little over night when I said to myself: let’s write to Ameen! And I wrote: 

Me: would you travel tomorrow to Mosul to play your music there? 

Ameen: I am in Baghdad for now and there are obstacles to overcome first! 

Me: all you have to do is to catch the plane to Erbil! .. 

Ameen: I got to check with a travel agency and ask if that’s possible! 

Me: tomorrow will not be a good time to go and ask, and Baghdad is pretty much in a lockdown because all roads are closed because of a religious feast! .. is there an online flight booking?

Ameen: yes.

I left him for few moments and came back to him

Me: give me your entire name and your phone number

I left him again for a couple of minutes and got back to him

Me: Ameen, I booked you a trip from Baghdad to Erbil and your flight is in the morning!

Ameen: you must be crazy! 

I asked him to get ready, to have some rest. I also asked him to have an apple and to have his coffee before his departure. He laughed and said: Alright mom! 
Ameen arrived to Erbil in the morning and stayed there with a friend of mine. To obtain the security approvals from Nineveh security command to enter the city takes a long time and in itself is a hassle to go through. I am not in Iraq, how am I supposed to do all that? This didn’t turn me down. I called my friend in Erbil to escort Ameen to Mosul, for Ameen needs to be very stable for the performance. Then I called my other friend to help me with the Security​ approval from Lieutenant General Najim Al-Jubouri. Then I received a message later at night from my friend Thamir Khalil, the Clarnet player, who arrived recently to Erbil. He is a Mosuli musician as well, left Mosul long time ago, and said that his dream is to go back to Mosul and witness the performance he dreamed of this whole time. I asked him to join the convey to Mosul. Then it was morning again, and they contacted me that they are in their way to Mosul, but they still need a security approval to get there. I reached out to another friend who managed their entrance approval. There was a crowd waiting for them in the city.

The choice of the location was a message related to different ideas: it is the palace of Esarhaddon the Great, Nineveh’s heritage, then it is Jonah’s shrine that Jews, Christians, and Muslims shared its sacracy.
The message was saying that Mosul does not earn its name unless all its inhabitants share it and live in cohesion with one another. Then, to play at a location that was demolished by ISIL is to revive it with Life again. Then it is music .. to tell the world that Mosul is free although half of it is still under fire, it’s looking for books and music to be born again.
They made it to Mosul, and the dream came true, this is as simple as it is. All of it was a dream, and now, it become reality.

A Message to Human Rights Watch

To: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International

Re: Provocative Assaults on the civilians at Hammam Al-Alil IDP camp

Mosul Eye observed sexual assaults committed by members of Ali Al-Akbar brigade militia, other militia members, as well as some members of the federal police and a militia known as “Fursan Al-Jubur” in the past few weeks.

Several members of those militias committed sexual assaults on young girls in Hammam Al-Alil IDP camp. They also harass and blackmail women after forcefully detaining their male relatives in a very aggressive and humiliating security check where men are separated from their families and falsely detain them with false accusations for very long hours in disgraceful conditions, subjecting children and youngsters to torturous conditions and blackmailing women as well. 
We have witnesses who witnessed those heinous incidents and the necessary actions must be taken seriously and actively against the offenders and immediately stop the assaults against the Mosuli women.