Mosul Eye is Back- Reformed

I has been over a year since we published here on this blog.

We are collecting and translating the events over the past year as they come along into spreadsheets documenting all the numbers of victims resulted from those events. In this document, we are documenting, for the historical record, all what the Mosulies are suffering on the hands of ISIL. The data presented in this document is exclusively provided by Mosul Eye, and any use of this data MUST mention that “This Data is the courtesy of Mosul Eye”. The data presented here is what we personally have gathered through personal accounts, resources, ISIL reports and medical records.

This data is highly reliable, and we believe that there are more data to be taken into account that is not yet revealed because ISIL executes hundreds of victims secretly and those executions take place in secret execution chambers inside hospitals and secret detention centers. Some of those secret execution chambers we found in Aljamhouri and Ibn Sina hospitals, and we could not obtain the exact number of executions performed in those chambers.

Since ISIL takeover of Mosul and we are documenting the events into similar data sets to the one we are presenting to you today. We double-check every single piece of data, verify it, and cross-reference it to all that is published and secretly documented about it to confirm the most accurate and true data available about it. We urge everyone who believes that he/she has other data with their proof of their credibility to thankfully forward them to Mosul Eye to include them into this report.

We put out this document for the United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights organizations, and to all whom it may concern and request to hold those criminals accountable for their crimes and consider those crimes war crimes according to the international law

To families of the victims, we urge you to record the names and the faces of those criminals who committed those crimes against your loved ones for the record until those criminals are brought to justice for their crimes.

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