Alabadi is getting Mosul to choose between ISIL leader and the militias leader

“State and Order are NOT within Alabadi’s choices”

A conscious government can never treat mistakes with their cause. What happened in Mosul was because of the sectarianism of the previous Iraqi government led by the sectarianism godfather Noori Almaliki, which led Iraq to this current situation. Alabadi’s decision for the people’s mobilization units to participate in liberating Mosul is wrong and with this Alabadi sends a message of a dual views: he is either to weak to the point the PMU is controlling over him, or, he’s unable to distinguish right from wrong.

The only single guarantee to liberate Mosul is official forces that consists of the Iraqi army that is built with the Iraqis’ money to train and to equip, and not by repeating the same old mistakes.

The Iraqi government left Mosul behind for two years, and built up mountains of haters towards the city among the Iraqis; it is unreasonable for a helpless prime minister who’s incapable of reforming his government, to liberate Mosul.

Almaliki’s government handed Mosul and the other invaded cities to ISIL on a golden plate, and left behind complex mistakes to solve. Those mistakes were carried on during Alabadi’s weak government. There is an undeniable huge crisis, that is the sectarian crisis. The world and the region surrounding Iraq is aware, before the Iraqis are aware that the Iraqi crisis has reached desperate measure, and any return to Almaliki’s policies means the collapse of the Iraqi political institution.

Our stand in Mosul is total disapproval to put Mosul back to the very same situation it led to its invasion, when the sectarian violence ruling the streets. Our problem is never been with the Shiit at all. Our problem is with armed militias with theological doctrine that is not different from ISIL’s.

ISIL’s caliph is not any different than the caliph of Ala’asaaib.


Mosul Eye special report: ISIL Organ Trade 2016,Contribution of Mosulyoon

Mosul Eye special report: ISIL Organ Trade 2016
Contribution of Mosulyoon

Report: ISIL harvesting organs of prisoners and transplanting them into its fighters or for trade

Fatwa is an order issued by the religious clergy who are considered the elite that is capable of derive the necessary justifications from the religious texts and the reality people live, and it is tantamount to the divine order because they, the clergy, are the heir of the prophet, as they are described in the doctrinal texts, therefore, they are authorized to issue “divine orders” (aka Fatwa) which is an indisputable and unchallenged order, and its execution is mandatory the moment it is issued, and violating it would lead to accuse the violator with infidelity because he/she is clearly violating a divine order. And this is what ISIL is basing its orders and decisions upon.


Mosul Eye special report – ISIL Organ Trade 2016



Mosul Eye Special Report

Yesterday’s solutions are not possible today.

The Iraqi government have let Mosul out of its calculations at the time when it was very possible to defeat ISIL, and when it was possible to contain the situation before it escalated and become an international crisis. The Iraqi government left Mosul nowadays and it crisis surfaced again as it did 100 years before, when it was, back then, a regional and international matter.

And again, this opened the door for Turkey to invite itself to play a bigger role in a crisis the Iraqi government failed miserably to solve, when the solution to it was very easy in the past.

Yes, the issue of Mosul is solvable, or let’s just say “reconcilable”, but this time is not as how the Iraqi government sees it. It is not possible for a fragile government to lead the country as a whole once again.

Because when the Iraqi government handled Mosul’s issue it did not handle it as a city with its population of more than two million citizens, but thought of the city’s importance from the government’s perspective and its party affiliations. The government did not think of Mosul and its citizens as Iraqis who suffer death, murder and hunger on daily bases, and when the government overlooks its citizens, the citizens will overlook their government as well.

On another note, the media is circulating a story about Alabadi’s fears about Mosul that it might face a similar fate as “Cyprus”! It seems that Alabadi might have been a little too late to announce his “worries”, or worse, he may not response to the events as fast as he should be, and it may take him another five years to declare his “Fear” of “The Turkish Business in Mosul”, and what we are afraid of is that another ten years pass before Alabadi seriously fears of the whole situation.

Alabadi and his “Cabinets” need “a stimulant” to spur his response to the developing events.


The Authority of Delusion

Delusion is proven an effective commodity over the course of time, gives an absolute authority to whom ever utilizes it, and total control over the delusional ones. Delusion enables one to mobilize millions just with delusion, and that’s not far from your imagination. You can simply find that religion devotees mostly live on delusion, promises of a utopian life after death, or rewards in exchange for sacrifice, rewards that only live in the minds of the followers. The reader will perceive this as an attack on religion, but the fact is, we are trying to put things into their right prospective, and since ISIL was formed from within Islam, all that ISIL has to offer is paradise, and paradise is a delusion, and the reason to believe it is a delusion is because it is invisible, impalpable and unknown, and for anyone says the contrary has to provide one single proof of its existence, or what this paradise is about or the rewards the promised ones will get.

Imagination is not bad in itself, but when it causes death and encourages any acts of violence and the killing of others in the name of whatever delusion one is hypnotized with, then it is all evil. The imagination we should be seeking is not what ISIL is promoting, but what Einstein once described: “imagination is far more important than knowledge”, for knowledge is possible for everyone to acquire, but it is the imagination that employs knowledge to reach the truth.

As for delusion, Robert L. Solso defined it in his book “Cognitive Psychology ” as: “It is a deformation to the senses that exposes how the brain organizes and interprets the sensual excitement, then the delusion create a different reality for the delusional”, and that is exactly where ISIL plays its game.

ISIL has this authority, the authority of delusion, and its followers feel great deal of comfort ISIL’s delusion, because it gives them the feeling of power and ascendancy without them knowing that they themselves are influenced by a higher authority that directs them.

ISIL  is twiddling with its followers’ minds through its promises to invade Rome, the white house, Mecca and other places. Also it promises them to mess around at the Ampatrum Falvium, or The Colosseum in Rome. Of course, such a feeling and delusion will empowers the followers and gives them the feeling of power and ascendency, and will forget that ISIL is just a group of criminals because his senses, mind and consciousness are disabled.

ISIL members discuss among their selves about ways to invade Rome and plan on how to invade it, there, where their wild imagination start to create stories of pre-Rome and post-Rome, they get high on the idea itself. Just like a heroine addict, this is how the delosionals interact with their with the stories that resonates with the common people’s imagination.

ISIL can only control the minds of the peasants, and whoever empowered by knowledge and critical thinking will survive, or at least will try to break away from the ascendency of ISIL’s delusion.

While ISIL does not pay any attention to the daily life of people, does not care about their education, services or the reality they live in, it cares more about the delusion and the unknown it implants in its followers’ minds and thought, because it is the only one drug that is keeping its followers to continue fight with blinded eyes and minds.



Alabadi and The Call for a Congressional Inquiry

Congressional Inquiry is a constitutional practice that ensures the Parliament and its legislative authority to monitor the Executive branch, and it is a healthy check and balance practice at many parliamentary systems in the world, and sometimes it is a necessity to prevent the executive branch from taking individual decisions or the acquisition of power. In Iraq, we witnessed many cases of congressional inquiries, some of top military officers, and some of ministers, and now there is a call to bring Alabadi forward for an inquiry. There is no clear reason behind this call, but as a Mosuli myself, I was wondering, if we, the Mosulis, were to bring Alabadi for an inquiry, what questions we would ask him?

1- Does your cabin have a clear and transparent plan for Iraq in the up coming years?

2- Does your cabin have the power to make political agreements with the political parties in Iraq to address the significant crises afflicting Iraq?

3- Do you carry the political thought and awareness that enables you to put Iraq in an effective lace within its regional and global environment?

4- A year and a half has past since ISIL occupation of Mosul and other Iraqi territories, and extreme chaos in Iraq, politically, economically and militarily, facing a vicious enemy. Do you have the capability to rearrange your political and military stand and construct a pure iraqi military institution, free of militias and possess full control of armory.

5- what is the government position of the military chaos in Iraq?

6- Does your government have the capacity to manage the displaced issue?

7- Does your government have the ability to reach out to the Iraqis living under ISIL rule?

8- The people living under ISIL’s occupation do not trust your government. What have you done to gain their trust back?

9- Oil prices are collapsing and the Iraqi economy is continuously declining, do you have the capability to set any effective plans for futuristic Iraq without oil?

10- Do you believe that your government is free of any regional political influences?


Mobilization of a number of Nainawa tribes south of Mosul, leading to fluster ISIL.

A movement we hope it starts a larger tribal move against ISIL south of Mosul.

Haj Ali village: south of Qayyara, on the Eastern bank of Tigris river.

Tens of its men were enrolled in the Iraqi police and military forces. When ISIL invaded Mosul and Qayyara, the had lists of the enrolled police and military men of this village and executed most of them. Some who managed to flee went to Kurdistan.

After a few months of ISIL’s invasion, an anti-ISIL movement was established titled ” Sahawat Alzaiydan” in reference to the Parliament member Falah Alzaiydan, which ISIL targeted and killed many members of his family, and he is from Allihaib tribe. After ISIL killed most of those villages’ men accusing them of apostasy, it asked them to declare their repentance, and after they declared their repentance, ISIL broke its pledge and executed them after accusing them of “their intention to join the Sahawat”.

After many agreements with the Peshmarga and the coalition forces and continuous training, those Sahawat forces started to engage in fighting ISIL at Makhmoor in March of 2015. It was a failed attempt because they did not receive enough training back then.

They were enrolled in training once more, and a couple of weeks ago, ISIL committed a new massacre at Haj Ali village and executed 11 young men of the village’s men. After investing the incident, it was found that those were dissidents of ISIL, and that confirms our previous reports about the existence of rebels within ISIL ranks, who enrolled in its ranks to hit it from within. It is estimated that about 700 rebel members are within ISIL ranks. ISIL is aware of them, but unable to to identify them, therefore, every now and then, ISIL sets up traps for its members to uncover the intruders among its ranks.

The members of the tribes in the area started to fight back ISIL, and their first successful operation the Sahawat carried out was with the Peshmarga’s assistance was liberating Jadila village and its surrounding lands, and shown in green on the map below, and that puts those forces at a direct touch with ISIL and putting Qayyara at the advancing front line.

The news coming from Qayyara tells us that the tribes are showing strong well to join the Peshmarga and liberation forces in case they advance to liberate Qayyara, and in case operation Qayyara liberation is launched, it will be the true start to liberate the rest of the districts, as those villages form the bottle neck for ISIL; once one of them is liberated the rest will follow as a result of the genocide crimes ISIL committed against the people of those villages.

The situation of ISIL south of Mosul is very critical. ISIL is aware that those tribes are very intertwined with each other and it is totally certain that any liberation operations take place close enough to o those villages, it will only lead to one conclusion: a massive uprising of those tribes against ISIL. The information we are receiving from Qayyara and Shirqatt is confirming this conclusion.

So far, the news from Shirqatt and Qayyara are contradictory, some of them are not precise. But, the news we can confirm are the following:

1- There are continuous quick strikes and swift attacks on ISIL’s sites at Qayyara.

2- Jadila village and its surrounding lands are liberated.

3- many tribal members, who fled to Kurdistan, are joining the Sahawat

4- If the battles continue, the Sahawat forces at Qayyara will exceed 2300 trained fighters with the Peshmarga and covered with the coalition air support.

5- There is a deliberate media blackout to cover those movements by the opponents to the Sahawat forces. Those movements need powerful media coverage.

6- Qayyara has become a military ground (a battlefield) for ISIL, and they are mobilizing towards Qayyara in preparation for a major aggression on the Eastern bank of Qayyara.



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