Alabadi and The Call for a Congressional Inquiry

Congressional Inquiry is a constitutional practice that ensures the Parliament and its legislative authority to monitor the Executive branch, and it is a healthy check and balance practice at many parliamentary systems in the world, and sometimes it is a necessity to prevent the executive branch from taking individual decisions or the acquisition of power. In Iraq, we witnessed many cases of congressional inquiries, some of top military officers, and some of ministers, and now there is a call to bring Alabadi forward for an inquiry. There is no clear reason behind this call, but as a Mosuli myself, I was wondering, if we, the Mosulis, were to bring Alabadi for an inquiry, what questions we would ask him?

1- Does your cabin have a clear and transparent plan for Iraq in the up coming years?

2- Does your cabin have the power to make political agreements with the political parties in Iraq to address the significant crises afflicting Iraq?

3- Do you carry the political thought and awareness that enables you to put Iraq in an effective lace within its regional and global environment?

4- A year and a half has past since ISIL occupation of Mosul and other Iraqi territories, and extreme chaos in Iraq, politically, economically and militarily, facing a vicious enemy. Do you have the capability to rearrange your political and military stand and construct a pure iraqi military institution, free of militias and possess full control of armory.

5- what is the government position of the military chaos in Iraq?

6- Does your government have the capacity to manage the displaced issue?

7- Does your government have the ability to reach out to the Iraqis living under ISIL rule?

8- The people living under ISIL’s occupation do not trust your government. What have you done to gain their trust back?

9- Oil prices are collapsing and the Iraqi economy is continuously declining, do you have the capability to set any effective plans for futuristic Iraq without oil?

10- Do you believe that your government is free of any regional political influences?


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  1. a healthy check and balance practice at many parliamentary systems in the world

    The problem its not with the system or its rules as much as a bunch of thugs who use this for justification to cover their corruptions misconduct, crimes against the nation and the country.

    If as you state its a healthy as should be all or most of them should be hold account and impeached then sentenced for their many crimes during 14 years ruling Iraq.

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