Revive Mosul’s identity – Rebuild Al-Hadbaa

Rebuilding Al-Hadbaa minarat is reviving the Identity of Mosul

We urge the international community and all institutions concerned with Cultural and Humanity heritage to IMMEDIATELY work on rebuilding Al-Hadbaa minarat for its cultural and humane value to the people of Mosul. 

The destruction of Al-Hadbaa minarat is a destruction of our human identity, hence our invitation to the world to rebuild it as a gesture of your genuine intention towards the city of Mosul and to substantiate your stand against terrorism that destroyed the human heritage.

We are aware that there are complete blueprints of Al-Hadbaa minarat in the possession of the Mosuli historian Ahmed Qasim Jum’a, and the existence of those blueprints will help in rebuilding the minarat. We need to restore the minarat and Al-Nuri Grand Mosque exactly to its previous state, for its value to the Mosulis is as valued as Life itself, and leaving it demolished means that Mosul will be dead forever.

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