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We preserve

diveristy to

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Mosul Eye Association, MEA, will carry out this endeavor with the trust it has gained across a vast and extensive network with Iraq’s diverse communities, civil society representatives, and institutional and international actors. Mosul University Central Library will be in special collaboration with MEA as a host to a permanent exhibition of Resilience and Recovery’s testimonies to open in May 2023.

Uniquely, this project will also train young Iraqis as documentarians to conduct these testimonies rather than international media or humanitarian workers, who have contributed importantly, but where gaps in storytelling remain. These documentarians will collect, document, and highlight stories with local individuals from diverse Iraqi communities to be interviewed from January 2023 until April 2023. Their testimonies in the video, image and transcribed text will be published in various mediums, including Iraqi and international press, social media, as part of an exhibition, and more. Interviews will be conducted at special locations throughout Mosul, Nineveh Province, and Iraq, as well as on-site at the Behnam Hababba Centre for Cultural Documentation at the MEA Culture House in Old Mosul.

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Resilience and Recovery will carry out interviews with Iraqis from diverse backgrounds about stories from their everyday lives, relations, and occupations that will tell a story of resilience and recovery in Mosul and Iraq that remains to be told. The occupation of large parts of Iraq by ISIS caused massive displacement, untold loss, and immeasurable suffering in Iraq’s communities. Still, most of all attempted to permanently destroy the interwoven fabric of an ancient place, home to all its children, long known for the translation of its name Mosul as a connector, for its meaning as a place of meeting, a crossroads. Resilience and Recovery will give voice to their stories for the first time in this wide-ranging collection of oral testimonies.

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This project aims to increase awareness at the national level of the shared Iraqi experience of resilience and recovery, as well as at the international level, especially in the academic disciplines and international and relief sectors. The project is establishing a state-of-the-art Oral History Documentation Center to continue working to collect, document sustainably, and preserve the intangible heritage of Iraqis in-line with wider cultural heritage preservation efforts as part of the UNESCO flagship initiative “Revive the Spirit of the Mosul” and international initiatives. Most importantly, this project uses the importance of localization to document communities where Iraqis are the protagonists throughout the process. Our Hashtags: #MosulRecovery #Mosul2022 #Mosul2023 #CivilSociety #Iraq #OralHistory.

The Behnam Hababba Centre is named in honor of Behnam Salim Hababba, a prominent Mosuli educator and historian who devoted his life to preserving the history and integrity of Mosul and its people. Born on May 26, 1937, in Mosul, Hababba was a Cardinal Patriarch Luise Rafael Sako student and published numerous books on the city’s history. His legacy serves as a reminder of the importance of documenting and preserving our collective history.

what we do

Preservation, documentation, and communication


Training and documentation

Creative communication

Community-led initiatives

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connects people

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expands the space of shared history

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Create a safe space of communication

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helps people understand each other with evidence based thinking

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common and shared history

Why oral

history matters?

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Gives communities more tools to enhance their cultures

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empowers youth with powerful tools for peace and stability

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empowering similarities and reduce impact of the differences

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makes diversity and inclusion more possible



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Our partners

Advisory Board

Najim Al Jouburi

Nineveh Governor

Rasha Al Deeb

International podcast ِconsultant &Trainer/ Director of podcast walaha sowt / podcast Business developer@WANAS/podcast consultant at Care International

Angham Abdullah

Research Associate at AHRC project"Refugee Wales."

Matthieu Rey

Collège de France, director of contemporary studies at the Institut français du Proche-Orient (IFPO), Beirut

Paolo Fontani

Director, UNESCO - Iraq

Najib Mikhael Moussa, O.P

Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul and Akre

Mirza Dinnayi

Aurora Humanitarian Award 2019 laureate.

Sayf Al Ashqar

Director General, Central Library

Ninweta Dawood

Assyrian Activist- founder of "Here is Assyria" tour agency.

Ivan Erhel

TV documentary film director and producer

Murad Ismael

Sinjar Academy

Research Team

Omar Mohammed

Project Director

Haroro Ingram

Communication Strategy

Andrew Mines


Our mission is to provide accurate and reliable information about the city's past and present, focusing on Mosul's cultural and intellectual history.

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