Finally .. My Face is Out in The Open

“I can’t be anonymous anymore. This is to say that I defeated ISIS. You can see me now, and you can know me now.”

I am 31 years old.

My name is Omar Mohammed, and I am a scholar.

I told my mother that her Omar is Mosul Eye, she cried, wished she was close to me to give me hug, she said: I knew there was something going on with you!

My interview with Associated Press ..

“He packed his bag with his most treasured possessions before going to bed: the 1 terabyte hard drive with his evidence against the Islamic State group, an orange notebook half-filled with notes on Ottoman history, and, a keepsake, the first book from Amazon delivered to Mosul.

He passed the night in despair, imagining all the ways he could die, and the moment he would leave his mother and his city.

He had spent nearly his entire life in this home, with his five brothers and five sisters. He woke his mother in her bedroom on the ground floor.

“I am leaving,” he said.

“Where?” she asked.

“I am leaving,” was all he could say.

He couldn’t endanger her by telling her anything more. In truth, since the IS had invaded his city, he’d lived a life about which she was totally unaware.

He felt her eyes on the back of his neck, and headed to the waiting Chevrolet. He didn’t look back.”

Many times I lived those moments where I (as Mosul Eye) retweeted my article which was written by (Omar Mohammed), Now I can say this is me :) I am free, stronger than before, and shall always work to revive our Mosuli identity.

The rest of the interview you can find it on APNews link below:

The message of Mosul Eye reached the world appropriately

The war was still raging in Mosul. Most of the city was under fire. Then, the moment I learned about the liberation of the University of Mosul and its central library, I launched an international campaign to rescue and revive the library and donate books to reopen it. Many thought that I am a madman, who thinks of books while war is at it’s climax? What value books have while mankind is easily killed? Many questions were asked, but I was sure and certain what value lies in books and libraries. It is not as much about the books; it is more about who read those books, or who wrote them. Since ISIS deliberately destroyed and torched the library, it was mainly targeting the human kind in Mosul.

It was only a statement of 140 characters on Twitter when I said: “our central library is liberated, but it is burned to ashes, are you willing to donate books to it!”

The response was as I expected. It was shocking, but was beautiful and carried lots of meaningful thoughts: thousands of people respond to the call, willing to donate. In less than a month, Mosul Eye’s call became an international and reached it’s goals very quickly. The only goal I was aiming for in this campaign was: reconnecting Mosul with its international domain, not stay limited to it’s locale.

Two days ago, I received an invitation from Charles University at the Czech republic where they held a special day for Mosul in their response to Mosul Eye’s campaign and call to revive the University and the University’s central library without advance notice. It was a surprise. The audience was diverse: there were academics, students, citizens, men and women of various ages, elderly and children. And one single question dawned on me: why are they interested in Mosul?

The answer was easy: One wants to live in peace and security does not care of other people’s religious, ethic, or sect backgrounds, and just interact with others simply on their humane value.

Young people prepared traditional food to sell it during the event they named #MosulDay to contribute their earnings to the support of Mosul’s libraries.

Other academics introduced their work and attempts to preserve Mosul’s heritage and relics by utilizing academic and technical methods to develop 3-d prototypes to assist in regaining what the city lost of it’s heritage.

The Iraqi ambassador Waleed Shiltagh, praiseworthy, was present at the event and provided an Iraqi cuisine as a gesture of appreciation to the guests and the event organizers.

The founder of Mosul Eye gave a speech in the event, thanking the organizers and the audience for this event and expressing his gratitude and the necessity of this event to the people of Mosul as a gesture of a message well received.

Mosul Eye provides its great thank to the staff of Philosophy, Oriental Studies, Archeology, History, and Humanities Studies departments at Charles University and special thanks to the University’s library and its staff for their kind gesture.

Special thanks to the organizers of the campaign: Dr. Clara Rösslerová and the civil activist Nadá Aliová

Special thanks goes to:
• Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, Jan Palach Library.
• Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, Celetná Library,.
• Charles University in Prague, T. G. Masaryk Social Sciences Library.

Mosul was present there, and we shall continue our international campaign to revive Mosul and its heritage


The founder of Mosul Eye

A Hospital crying for Patients, What is it Waiting for?

Prime Minister Haider Abadi

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mrs. Adila Hamoud,

Minister of Health Mr. MP for the province of Nineveh Fares Albrefkani

Dear Mr. Mohamed Alabbar Ms. Basma Basim,

respected Mr. Mizahim Al – Khayyat

Mr. Director General of the health of Nineveh

Distinguished gentlemen and ladies,

As you might be aware of the bad health situation in the city of Mosul as all health facilities were destroyed on the right side of the city, Ibn Sina Hospital, the Republican Hospital, Mosul General Hospital and health centers are all destroyed by 100%. On the left side of the city only the Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, which currently houses a dialysis center, a consultant to Al Salam Hospital and the Nineveh Health Department, has fully survived. Al Salam hospital was partially destroyed, and despite the survival of five buildings there was an order to be removed as we heard!

Ibn al-Atheir children hospital and Khansaa hospital after they have been burned by ISIS, now by efforts of the good people of Nineveh, with the Ministry of Health, the efforts of international organisations and the United Nations, we were able to rehabilitate the hospitals although there is still big shortages. The A&E department in Al Salam hospital has ten beds only. There are also a limited number of beds in Ibn al-Atheer hospital and Al-Khansaa hospital.

Today, there are no beds for over night stay at the hospitals in the whole city of Mosul (two million) and we have to transfer patients to the American hospital, Hamdania hospital, to the Kurdistan region and to Baghdad, not to mention the difficulties and the long time taken to do transfer of patients and some patients may be killed during the transfer as occurred during the military operations of liberation. In Mosul, there is a fully equipped, ready-to-use Turkish hospital with 500 beds or less.

As we know, there are a large number of operating theaters, MRI, ultrasound devices and a cancer treatment device. All of these are currently not available in any other hospital. This hospital (Turkish) have been build in agreement to be part of University of Mosul before the entering Of ISIS. This hospital is fully integrated and it can covers a large needs of the city and its staff is fully integrated and currently in the city. Additionally, this hospital was not affected by the military operations at all and all the devices are ready to serve immediately.

We hope you can facilitate and help to open this hospital for the sake of the people of Mosul as soon as possible and to overcome all the difficulties that lead to not opening it. You have the authority and the ability to issue the orders to open this hospital because of the lack of medical services in the city such as Cancer, blood diseases, critical operations and large emergency operations, because the rehabilitation of the other hospitals that partially and completely destroyed will take two to four years.

Please find attached the pictures of this hospital which I have downloaded from the internet.

we have left the order to save the lives and treat the wounded and the sick people of Mosul in your hands and God mercy

Dr. Saad Salem

A Cry from The Guardians of Life in Mosul .. Doctors

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Dr. Saad Salem’s appeal to all Iraqi doctors residing in Iraq and a board Dear professor,

Greetings from Mosul, wounded, died and covered with the blood of innocent people.

I address you on behalf of my patients and wounded of Mosul. If the number of our deaths is 40,000, you can imagine the number of wounded. Our hospitals are destroyed by 90 percent. Imagine a city of highly populated (3 million) has 2 central Ultrasound and 2 x-rays and the rest are belong to private sectors!! I have an idea Fund raising from Mosul medical college graduates from all over the world. I do not think that anyone graduated from the Faculty of Medical school- Mosul hesitates to donate $ 100 to the teaching hospitals Ibn Al-Atheer and Khansa, which serves the city and the Faculty of Medicine. My brother, Dr Kamal, please try to help me improve the health services in Mosul. You are aware of the actual amount of the current government support which is equal to zero. I was desperate at the beginning as we get no help from the official channels, however, when I was able to get 500 wheelchairs for our department I knew that I should not give up and always is there will be a hopes d doors will open to help our beloved city. So I’m seeking your help as today, you have united the Iraqi doctors under your name. Can I ask you for a favour for the college and a city that has graduated a group of doctors, thousands and leaders, who are proudly successfully working around the world to donate as a little acknowledgement for the college and their home city. My hope in God is to help us all and make it easier. your brother Saad Salem Iraq Mosul.

Ola Altaie

To donate for tgis cause, please follow the link below:

Ten steps that will terminate ISIS completely from Mosul

10 points to truly defeat ISIS in Mosul:

The past three years of Mosul as we knew it was endorsed by ISIS. Before those three years, there was a fatal systematic failure that led to those last three years. This fatal failure didnot take place in a short period of time, but it took decades before it manifested into the last three years.

Below are ten steps that I vision to prevent this catastrophe from reoccurring again:

1- Building a local police force with training and new expertise, modernizing the police apparatus using modern techniques, inviting Mosul’s youth to volunteer in the police apparatus, and dividing the city into electronically monitored sectors by installing cameras (The state should inforce shops and store owners at all neighborhoods to install the cameras and connect tgem ) And preventing any other forces, whether tribal or other, from exercising the authorities inside Mosul.

2- Turning over the reconstruction of Mosul to private companies and foreign investment companies and never rely on any local authority and link donors (countries supporting the reconstruction) directly with foreign companies and in agreement with the central government.

3- Establishing a security and judicial system in conjunction with the Ministries of Justice, Interior, Defense, and Human Rights, Civil society committees, and the United Nations to deal with the issue of ISIS and its families and calling for the prosecution of those charged in public trial broadcast to all Iraqis and public screen boards on the streets. Also, for those who are proven their innocence on trial to be released and declare their innocence publicly as well. Moreover, stop and prevent any popular trials that would threaten security and civil peace.

4- Providing civil society committees and voluntary civic campaigns more attention, support, and organization to enable them to mobilize the youth and participate in further stablizing Mosul. Because civil society organizations are the Civic Establishment that is capable of carrying out effective campaigns, and directly linking them with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and the United Nations, and expediting the return of displaced persons to their areas.

5- The rehabilitation of the old city in accordance with its same previous style and never change anything of it. Also, to hand over its reconstruction, along with the archaeological sites and the Nuri Mosque and the Hadbaa minaret, to foreign architectural design companies and link the reconstruction directly with UNESCO. Also, to construct a new museum in Mosul for both the Assyrian and Islamic civilizations

6- The Iraqi military remains on the outskirts of Mosul through the rehabilitation of al-Ghazlani base and another base in north-west Mosul and al-Kindi base. The tasks of the military are not inside the cities, but the periphery and protection on the outside.

7- Delivery of the file of agriculture to international companies for the rehabilitation of the agricultural sector in Nineveh and the revival of agricultural areas and support for farmers Agriculture is a cornerstone in the development of the local economy.

8- Rehabilitation of factories in Mosul and supporting the industrial sector and industrialists in the city.

9- Establishing of a Council of Religions in Mosul that includes all religious and religious sects that will monitor the religious discourse in the city and prevent the dissemination of any extremist views or hate speech among sects and religions. This council will be able to discuss any views related to one religion without another before forming any decision that might generate a wave of hate and/or ignite a religious conflict.

10- Revitalize trade and reactivate its role in rebuilding Mosul.

Each one of those points tackle a single problem the city was, and still, suffer, and they are the roots of the solution we need to see take place in our future Mosul.

Revive Mosul’s identity – Rebuild Al-Hadbaa

Rebuilding Al-Hadbaa minarat is reviving the Identity of Mosul

We urge the international community and all institutions concerned with Cultural and Humanity heritage to IMMEDIATELY work on rebuilding Al-Hadbaa minarat for its cultural and humane value to the people of Mosul. 

The destruction of Al-Hadbaa minarat is a destruction of our human identity, hence our invitation to the world to rebuild it as a gesture of your genuine intention towards the city of Mosul and to substantiate your stand against terrorism that destroyed the human heritage.

We are aware that there are complete blueprints of Al-Hadbaa minarat in the possession of the Mosuli historian Ahmed Qasim Jum’a, and the existence of those blueprints will help in rebuilding the minarat. We need to restore the minarat and Al-Nuri Grand Mosque exactly to its previous state, for its value to the Mosulis is as valued as Life itself, and leaving it demolished means that Mosul will be dead forever.

Mosul Eye Cultural Festival to revive Mosul’s libraries

Let it be a Book … Rising from the Ashes

Date & Time: May 25th, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Festival’s Agenda:

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Guests’ Receiption

9:00 AM – 9:20 AM

Festival’s opening speech – by Mosul Eye founder

Introducing the participants and the organizing team.

A poem recitation about the festival, written and cited by Amna Thakir Al-Iraqi.

9:20 AM – 10:45 AM

The launching of the festival activities:

– photography exhibit – featuring the photographer: Ali Al-Baroodi, Laith Mohammed, and Ahmed Al-Hayiali. The exhibit consists of about 60 images, displayed in the walkway opposite to the library, some are colored and others in black and white. Each image is with a story and the photographers Will tell their stories.

– An open painting gallery, participating painters: Rahma, Issam, Abdurahman, Younis, and Mohammed. They will paint their vision of the festival.

– A music concert: participating players: Mohammed on Violin, Khalid on Oud, Al-Hakam on Guitar, and Mohammed on Guitar.

– Colorful letters: the guests will participate in creating an ensemble of messages to the world

– Donation: Announcing the beginning of donation receiption from doners.

10:45 AM – 11:00 AM

Every guest carries a book and walk to the alternative location in a straight line to transport the books.

Note: the entrance fees to the festival is a book that you can leave your touch in renovating and reviving Mosul’s libraries. Please be generous to be remembered for as long as your book’s existence.

Mosul Eye