No Jihad Al-Nikah and absolutely no women rape cases occured

Until now, there has not been any sign or evidence for Jihad Al-Nikah taking place or any form of marriage inside the armed groups. There is absolutely no cases of women rape either. Even if marriage takes place, it’s the normal long-term legitimate marriage, not Jihad Al-Nikah.

Badoosh prison runaways are among ISIS

Return of many Maslawis [people of Mosul], who left to fight in Syria against Bashar Al-Asad regime previously, to Mosul again as people started seeing a lot of them within ISIS in Mosul. For reference sake, many of Badoosh prisoners who escaped previously had left to Syria and now have returned. In addition, the runaways from Badoosh prison after the control of ISIS are spread in the streets of Mosul these days. 

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