Yesterday’s solutions are not possible today.

The Iraqi government have let Mosul out of its calculations at the time when it was very possible to defeat ISIL, and when it was possible to contain the situation before it escalated and become an international crisis. The Iraqi government left Mosul nowadays and it crisis surfaced again as it did 100 years before, when it was, back then, a regional and international matter.

And again, this opened the door for Turkey to invite itself to play a bigger role in a crisis the Iraqi government failed miserably to solve, when the solution to it was very easy in the past.

Yes, the issue of Mosul is solvable, or let’s just say “reconcilable”, but this time is not as how the Iraqi government sees it. It is not possible for a fragile government to lead the country as a whole once again.

Because when the Iraqi government handled Mosul’s issue it did not handle it as a city with its population of more than two million citizens, but thought of the city’s importance from the government’s perspective and its party affiliations. The government did not think of Mosul and its citizens as Iraqis who suffer death, murder and hunger on daily bases, and when the government overlooks its citizens, the citizens will overlook their government as well.

On another note, the media is circulating a story about Alabadi’s fears about Mosul that it might face a similar fate as “Cyprus”! It seems that Alabadi might have been a little too late to announce his “worries”, or worse, he may not response to the events as fast as he should be, and it may take him another five years to declare his “Fear” of “The Turkish Business in Mosul”, and what we are afraid of is that another ten years pass before Alabadi seriously fears of the whole situation.

Alabadi and his “Cabinets” need “a stimulant” to spur his response to the developing events.


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