TRP: A radio and a newspaper of the Iraqi revolution have been established

The protesters in Baghdad have announced today the first issue of the Revolution newspaper under the name (TukTuk) which declared all the demands of the revolution. They have also established a radio station with the name Nurid Watan (we want our homeland) the same motive and slogan they have used in the first day of the protest in October 1.

Tomorrow the radio station will start streaming officially from Tahrir Square.

Note: TRP is the abbreviation of Tishrin Revolution Papers.

The Tishrin Revolution Papers: Iraqi PM accuse the protesters of using Mangonel from Uhud Mont

Adil Abdul Mahdi have accused the Iraqi protesters of using the Mangonel (Arabic منجنيق ) The mangonel, also called the traction trebuchet, was a type of trebuchet or siege engine used in Ancient China starting from the Warring States period, and later across Eurasia in the 6th century AD.

The protesters have mocked him since they have renamed the Turkish Restaurant Building in Tahrir Square into Mount Uhud (Arabic: جبل احد) Mount Uhud is a mountain north of Medina, Saudi Arabia. It is 1,077 m high. It was the site of the second battle between Muslim and Meccan forces. The Battle of Uhud was fought on 19 March, 625 CE, between a force from the small Muslim community of Medina, in what is now north-western Arabia, and a force from Mecca.

Uhud Mount became the most symbolic sign of the Iraqi revolution

An artwork of Jabal Uhud

To see more about the language of the protest in Iraq see and the reason why the name of the building was changed see: The Tishrin Revolution Papers: A Dictionary of the Revolution.

Apparently AAM, Iraqi PM have seen the video below and thought it was The mangonel the protesters have used.

Video of a Slingshot used by the protesters from the top of Jabal Uhud

The Tishrin Revolution Papers: Al Tahrir Square Library

The protesters in Baghdad, Tahrir Square have opened a small library to allow the protesters to read in their resting time. It is important to note here that many of those young people protesting in the streets of Baghdad were behind the remarkable annual gathering in Baghdad “I am Iraqi, I read انا عراقي انا اقرأ” that encouraged reading to educate themselves which also led to the voluntarily translation of several books in literature and sciences into Arabic by young Iraqi translators.

The Tishrin Revolution Papers: Massive Violence against the protesters

The goverment has never stopped using massive violence against the protesters in Baghdad and other cities. The Iraqi govt. claims it is not using live ammunition rather they are using tear gas to target the protesters. The security forces is using the tear gas canisters as a deadly weapon and shoots the protesters directly in the head. 10s reported killed by a tear gas canister in the head.

See the video from Baghdad, near Sinak Bridge, today Nov. 3, 2019

The protesters are trying to evacuate one of their friends who was just shot in the head by Iraqi security forces using tear gas canister

The Tishrin Revolution Papers: Teaching classes opened in Nasiryya

The protesters have opened free classes to teach students who couldn’t go to school due to their participation in the protest. It is also an act from the protesters to encourage others to join the civil disobedience to support the protest.

The Iraqi goverment vowed to punish any school, teacher, headmaster, student if they protest, yet 1000s of them have already joined the protest.

The Tishrin Revolution Papers: Mother of the kidnapped activist calls for help to release her daughter

The mother of Saba Al Mahwdawi, a civil activist who was providing medical assistance to the protesters in Tahrir Square, Baghdad has been kidnapped late last night on her way home after spending several days providing medical support to the injured people in Tahrir Square. According to the reports came from Ahmad Al Bashair, Mushraiq Abbas and others, an armed group stopped Saba while driving in the middle of Baghdad and led her to unknown location, she was heard screaming and her last words was calling her mother. Activist managed to provide useful information such as the location where she was kidnapped and the records of her care license. But Saba is still kidnapped.

The Iraqi activist have launched the hashtag #وين_صبا to make a noise to help freeing her.

Since the beginning of the protest in Iraq and the goverment is using deadly weapons to attack the protesters. More than 250+ have been killed and at least 8000 injured while 10s others have disappeared.

Below is the video of her mother calling for help to free her daughter.

Saba’s Mother

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