Notes on Peace and War

There are those on Twitter (so-called-Iraq-Iran-US-“experts”) chattering about the possibility of another war in the Middle East. If what we have been living since 2003 is not a war, then can anyone tell me what a war is?
We’ve lost our ancient cities, history, culture and precious artifacts.
We’ve lost thousands of innocent lives and millions continue to be displaced.
People were forced from their native lands to find themselves refugees.
Countless numbers of innocent people have been disappeared in the secret prisons of Iran-backed militias; others were found in mass graves after the militias killed them.
We are still suffering from the never-ending wars that were created by Iran and the US, as well as others, in our region. Iran continues to control our daily life in even small details.
These “experts” need to cease their nonsensical analysis at once. They know nothing about war. Instead wars in our region have made them into heroes, prize-winning authors, journalists, photographers & documentarians. If there would be peace, how many of them would have come to our lands to meet its people and “tell our stories to the world”?

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  1. That is a very poor and uninteresting story. It reads as very similar to western propaganda.

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