A Plea to the Prime Minister

To the Prime Minister and the commander in chief of the Iraqi military forces


We are the citizens of Mosul, writing to you as the commander in chief of the Iraqi military forces that is currently executing military operations to liberate the western bank of Mosul, which they successfully liberated the eastern bank previously. We appreciate and value those efforts and sacrifices given to liberate us of ISIL’s terrorism that lasted for two and a half years.

As we support you and the iraqi forces in this historical and decisive battle, we observed, for weeks now, civilians are falling in large numbers as a result of using heavy artillery like battery and aerial bombings that casued hundreds of civilian casualties and tens still alive and trapped under the rubble of their homes at the old neighborhoods of Mosul. Also, the random bombings with mortar shells carried out by the Iraqi Federal Police and the Emergency Rapid Division. More than 200 civilians were killed in a single bombing strike in Mosul Al-Jadida, and today, more than 20 women and children were killed in Al-Zinijilli bue to the random bombings. Another incident at Ragm Al-Hadid killed more tgan 40 civilians, again, due to random bombings, and the incident at Khazraj where more than 73 civilians were killed, most of them were children and women, and similar incidents in Al-Makkawi, Al-Faruq St., Mahallat Bab-Jidid, Al-Thawra and 17 Tammuz, to name just a few.

All those neighborhoods witnessed civilian loses, and the death machine continue​s in the old city along with the destruction of the infrastructure of the city, while thousands of civilians are displaced escaping war and living in poor conditions at the displaced camps where they are deprived of the basic needs because of the local government’s inability to provide the basic services at those camps, and the relief organizations are overwhelmed with the large numbers of IDPs, where there are more than 400 thousands civilians are beseiged inside Mosul, awaiting a catastrophe to happen.

We are aware that ISIL is using dangerous methods against the residents and the liberating forces. Many of the civilian casualties fall because of ISIL. Yet, we are waiting to celebrate our liberation and share this joy of liberation with the liberating forces, but the destruction and the human loses is bigger than expected, especially since you directly asked the people to stay in their homes , which resulted in catastrophes​ among the civilians. 

Therefore, as the Prime Minister and the commander in chief of the Iraqi forces, we demand tge following steps to minimize the loses:

1- To order the forces to stop targeting the civilians through airstrikes, heavy battery, and shelling.

2- To order the military leadership to MUST review and change the military planning of Mosul Liberation

3- Declaring the City of Mosul a disaster zone and urging the security council to conduct an emergency​session to plan a relief for Mosul on its two sides, the eastern and the western banks

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