Mosul Eye announces the birth of Nineveh Documentation Observatory – NDO

Nineveh Documentation Observatory is a platform luanched by a group of Mosuli pages to document what is taking place in Nineveh on humanitarian and reconstruction levels. It is an independent civic supervisory authority, constructed of Nineveh’s civil residents. Its main goal is to create a civil platform in Nineveh that can represent the general civil public opinion  and represent it in the international, regional, and local forums and stand for the province of Nineveh and its residents.

The goals:

1- Create a media platform that is interested in the affairs of the province of Nineveh and its residents.

2- Promote public opinion and bring it closer to daily events related to Nineveh on local, regional and International levels

3- Monitoring everything that happens in Mosul, and record those events with documents and evidences.

4- Monitoring performance of the House of Representatives of the province of Nineveh and the performance of the executive and legislative wings of the local government.

5- Monitoring the performance of the active military and security forces in Nineveh.

6- Monitoring the Performance of the Iraqi government and its obligation to meet its promises in liberating and rebuilding the province of Nineveh.

7- Observing the international coalition’s progress and role in eradicating terrorism in Nineveh.

8- Eradicating ISIL’s effects on Nineveh and rehabilitate the province through the introduction of moderate civil opinion.

9- Confronting the radical hardline discourse and facing ISIL’s media and terrorism.

10- Supporting the youth of the province​ and support their voluntary campaigns and promote the voluntary work throughout the province.

11- Promote trust and openness between the civilians and the Iraqi military forces

12- Promote Nineveh’s heritage and diversity to the world and reinforce the civil peaceful coexistence among its populations.

13- All material issued by Nineveh Documentation Observatory is copyrighted to the observatory and not allowed to be shared or republished without permission from the observatory and mentioning the observatory as a reference.


Mosul Eye عين الموصل

Dalal – دلال


Women of Mosul نساء الموصل

Consultant of Nineveh Documentation Observatory

الحرس الوطني – محافظة نينوى

مركز نينوى الاعلامي

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing to the Nineveh Documentation Observatory in response to the post made on Mosul Eye requesting books to help rebuild the library of Mosul. I and my friends in Europe have been talking about how to help rebuild your library, as we are a group of scholars and librarians (and also ordinary book lovers!). We understand the implications of Daesh’s destruction of your library, and also the importance of rebuilding it, as Mosul itself will be rebuilt after the destruction you have faced.

    We know from the press that your city is still facing a lot of violence at the moment. We would like to help by sending books, but we would very much like for you to tell us how best to do this. Would you like books now? In six months? Next year? Is there somewhere they could be stored if we came with several containers of books? Should we promote this on social media (eg twitter, facebook)? We have thought of these questions, but there are no doubt other local issues that are relevant which we don’t know anything about… Basically, we would like to help, so please tell us how we can best do that!

    Wishing you all the very best

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