Women of Mosul – The Voice of Mosuli Women

During war times and peace times, women are the major victims among all social groups. She is called an orphan once she loses her father, or bereaved of her child, or if she loses her husband, she would be called a widow, and oftentimes, she loses a brother too.

But who sheds some light on her issues?

Since the invasion of Mosul by ISIL, the Mosuli woman issue has become one of the most sensitive and critical issues as thousands of Mosuli women are suffering under the rule of ISIL, hundreds of the Yazidi Mosuli women suffered ISIL’s brutal violence against them, as well as the Christian women were forced to depart their homes, and thousands of women are at the displacement camps, all of them are Mosulis.

Therefore, a group of Mosuli women formed a page dedicated to the Mosuli women titled “Women of Mosul”, to tell the world about the poor Mosuli and the challenges she faced and still facing, and to understand and study her social status now and post-ISIL future. This page is led by an elite members of the educated Mosuli women. Engineers, professors, teachers, interpreters and translators, and well educated women of Mosul, grouped up to represent the Mosuli women and their view of this ongoing war and the women’s role in it.

This valuable group will have a great role to play in the future of Mosul, and I encourage every Mosuli women rights enthusiast to check out this page.

Mosul Eye called to establish a women’s cell that is dedicated to the issues of the women of Mosul, and this page was the response to this call.


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