Heart Warming Letters from all over Iraq to Mosulis


In the times of war, all what people think about is missiles, bombs, magic plans to end the war, and that is because, without a doubt, war is what occupies society’s mind at this point in time, but very small portion of society that thinks that civility is the essential element even at war. What is the value of war if it was not for establishing and maintaining peace?

To use a military weapon to spread peace is to substantiate the idea of the strength of civility and a tribute to patriotism. Not only that, but also to deliver written letters from iraqi sister cities to Mosul that will be preserved in history. ISIL has always bet on tge rest of Iraq is an enemy of Mosul. Today, this myth ISIL set is broken. Today, people of Najaf, Basra, Karbala, and Babil write to the people of Mosul. The ancient cities of Iraq are getting together for their own glory once again.

As I am away from my city, my mother tells me that a letter was dropped in out hime, signed by “Ali Kadhim” from Najaf reads: “I love Mosul because it represents Iraq’s history”. My mother tells me that such a letter came as a cool breeze of air in a helpless situation.

This is a pure civil experience, Iraqis where the sky carries their written letters to drop them over Mosul like rain, with love and peace.

People know the cost of everything, but only few of people know the value if things. ISIL was trying to cut Mosul of all its ties with the rest of Iraq, but they didn’t know that we have the sky to ourselves.

There is no safe place for ISIL to hide and the whole Earth is a safe place for the Mosulis, because their home is in the hearts of their fellow Iraqis, and where else is safer to them than Iraqis’ hearts?

Thank you the people of Babil, Karbala, and Najaf. Thank you the people of Basra, Kufa and Samawa. Thank you to all of you. Big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because of your words, my mom began to smile again and feel safe after her sadness and fear.

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