Mosul Eye’s Letter to Paris conference – The convening conference to discuss the Mosul Question

We, the civil people of Mosul, as the liberation operations are underway to liberate Mosul, ask you this time to listen to us. The world has heard more than enough from non-mosulis who discuss the issues of our city, convening seminars and conferences, and none of them have lived in Mosul, never learned about its structure or its history as we know it.

This time, we ask you to hear our voice, to listen to what we have to say about our city, as it is our right to have our say about it and its future and fate. The Kurds got their own interests to look after, so does The Shiite, and we know those facts and respect them. We, as well, got our interests, that is, to protect our city. It is us who got our history and heritage vandalized, lost our sons, fathers, daughters and children. We are the ones who were displaced from our city, lost our homes, held captives in our own city under the rule of ISIL. It is us who live under ISIL’s control, and live the moments of fear during and after the liberation.

We would like to start our letter with what King Faisal said at the League of Nations in 1924 during their delegations about Mosul and determining its fate:

“I consider it is impossible, both strategically and economically, for a Government in Baghdad to live if Mosul is detached from it and held by another Government. Nor can a real life be hoped for the people of Iraq without Mosul. Therefore I consider that Mosul is to Iraq as the head is to the rest of the body”
King Faisal letter to League of Nations regarding Mosul Question.
30 September 1924.

We, the people of Mosul, cannot trust what will happen during and after the liberation, and our concerns grow bigger everyday. The upcoming dangers are no less dangerous than ISIL. There are many factions who are trying to divide and to tear down our city, dividing it into parts where each part would be given to an ethnicity group, separating it from the rest. History tells it that Mosul has always built its civilization upon an ethnically and religiously diverse population. It is impossible to imagine Mosul without its rich and diverse heritage, culture, history, and ethnicity. Therefore, and as we elaborated in Mosul Eye’s previous list, we demonstrated our suggestions to resolve the Mosul Question, and that is to subject Mosul to an International trusteeship in accordance to articles 75-85 of The United Nation’s Charter, and to agree with the Iraqi government to mutually govern the city of Mosul militarily, administratively, and regulatorily

Any other solutions, other than the trusteeship, will have dire impact and consequences on the city of Mosul and its inhabitants, and will transform the city into a continuous battle field among its people. Hence, our request to you to hear our say. Mosul is facing an existential fate, either it will be torn apart, or it will coexist in peace and harmony once more.

This city cannot survive without its churches and mosques next to each other, as well its Shiite shrines and Yazidi’s worship houses. This diversity is the source of its strength, and any attempt to tamper with this diversity will result in catastrophes on a historical scale, in the near and far future.

Our sincere regards,

The founder of Mosul Eye



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