What’s happening in Mosul? Mosul Eye© Report – Oct. 20, 2016

1- ISIL is planning to bomb most of the remaining buildings in Mosul. It started with bombing the governorate’s building, and currently preparing to bomb Mosul hotel near Alshuhada bridge (the third bridge). Bombing the hotel threatens the bridge that was subjected to several bombings before. It is believed that the main goal of bombing the hotel is to bomb the bridge itself.

2- Redeployment of ISIL and increasing their numbers significantly in the city. It is evident that their numbers are rising by seeing at least 3 fighters at every ally all over the city.

3- We learned that ISIL is spreading car bombs over the city, and booby-trapping power poles.

4- The signs of the battles are strongly felt in the city. ISIL is tightening up on the residents and tries to provoke them.

5- ISIL launched a campaign to collect SIM cards and threatens to apprehend any one seen with a mobile phone.

6- Fear and anxiety are prominent in the city at the moment

7- Many are getting ready to flea the city once the battles start in Mosul

8- Uncertainty of fate is awaiting over one million citizens in Mosul; a fate uncertainty that swings between displacement and becoming war casualties is what Mosulis fear the most.

9- ISIL moved prisoners from their old detention camps to new locations. It is confirmed that ISIL will place detainees at possible military targets.

10- Calm and quietness are about to be over in Mosul. An unusual activity and evident call up of ISIL fighters is strongly present in the city.

11- A fire was witnessed at ISIL security office (the islamic police) at Al-arabi neighborhood. It is believed that ISIL set the documents of this office on fire

12- Lately, a foreign type of portable missiles were found in ISIL possession. Those missiles are mounted on small trucks. Those trucks, in addition to the missiles, equipped with a 20-liter gallons. The contents of those gallons is unknown.

13- The signs of food crisis in Mosul start to loom. Prices are sky rocket high.

14- Surveillance aircraft are constantly flying over Mosul.

15- A small surveillance drone belongs to ISIL was spotted near Al-Ghizlani, south of Mosul.

16- Foreign fighters start to appear more heavily after a significant shrink in their numbers in the past few days.

17- Children and teens are the majority of ISIL fighter. They are aged between 15-18 years old.

18- We feel that ISIL is intended to fight a huge battle in Mosul, and there are no signs of it backing up, withdrawing, or fear.


8 thoughts on “What’s happening in Mosul? Mosul Eye© Report – Oct. 20, 2016

  1. Following your posts. I am in Erbil. Heading towards Mosul. Praying for your safety. Moni (CNN)

    Moni Basu | CNN.com * One CNN Center | Atlanta, Georgia 30303 * 404.827.1201 (o) | 404.217.1235 (m) http://www.cnn.com/profiles/moni-basu-profile

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    From: Mosul Eye <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: Mosul Eye <comment+2ikgb4j-io4udh7na4aikg@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Friday, October 21, 2016 at 12:11 AM To: Moni Basu <Moni.Basu@turner.com> Subject: [New post] What’s happening in Mosul? Mosul Eye© Report – Oct. 20, 2016

    Mosul Eye posted: “1- ISIL is planning to bomb most of the remaining buildings in Mosul. It started with bombing the governorate’s building, and currently preparing to bomb Mosul hotel near Alshuhada bridge (the third bridge). Bombing the hotel threatens the bridge that was”

  2. Mosul & resident are protected by Human Rights Convention which is Iraq part of and the government should provide you with all your rights regardless of your faith or ethnicity. There is no need to shop around for that. Try to think before any body will lead you a stray , specially those who support the terrorists. Unfortunately , there are too many corrupt people that you are dealing with.
    The only stranger amid you and doesn’t belong there are the terrorists. My advice to you is to do the right thing doesn’t matter how hard it is and have faith in the true God and he will not let you down even if human do.
    If this government failed to represent all Iraqi citizen , they will be voted out because Iraqi can not take any bullshit any more and they had enough. There are Christians , Sunni and people from other faiths trying to help you.
    God let you go through this so you can appreciate how wonderful Iraq is. Abraham the father of Issac and Ismael born in Iraq , that means some thing to God.
    Love to all

  3. اخونا المصلاوي بالله عليك لو سمحت وتفسر لنا ضولة داعش وكل الهل المة والقوات وين رحوا؟

    الاخبار نتقل ان نساء داعش ذهبن الى سوريا واخبار اخرى تقول ان البغداي في فندق في اسطنبول وهناك صور على Whattsup لسيارا داعش تويوتا رتل تحرك لاتجاه الجزيرة والتعليق ان القوات العراقية منعت من اطلاق النها هلى الرتل بامر من قوات التحالف؟

    شنو القصة وانت بالموصل وكيد تسمع وتشاهد كل شيء كما نقرأ من كتاباتك؟

    الحقيقه شنو.؟

  4. I’m a concerned citizen of the USA, TherapyCat on Twitter and Blogger, Owen Scott, III on Facebook. Since learning about your mission via the New Yorker article, I’ve kept close track of your posts and encouraged others to read them, as I will continue until Mosul is free os Daesh. I was already following the progress of the coalition offensive to liberate Mosul and hoping for the best outcome- freedom, minimal harm to the innocent, and harmonious relations between factions and cultures, as perhaps there once was. Your words make Mosul alive and personal. May you and your people live long and prosper.

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