The Ottoman Sultan thinks of invading Mosul? He has to think again!

​The Ottoman Sultan Erdogan whose ancestors have stolen the Jewel of the Christian world “Konstantinoúpoli”, and the one who opened his borders widely to ISIL and hostes them to destroy Iraq and Syria, now trying to invade Mosul.
Hey, Erdogan, 

Stop where you are, 

Shall we remind you what history your ancestors left and your new solders, ISIL, carried it out again?

The world has not forgotten what your ancestors did to the Armenians

And will not forget what ISIL did, and still doing, to the Yazdis

No one will never forget that, No one!
We, the Iraqi Mosulians, Will Spare No Effort To Stand Against Your Evil Plans, And We Shall Never Forget What Have You Already Done To Our Lovely City Mosul.
Oh, Mosul, we will defeat ISIL, we will protect you from this sultan.
Oh our lovely Mosul, you will remain the head of Iraq. 

Oh my lovely Mosul, for I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


  1. You are truly a manipulative, dishonest, and deceptive man? you think you’re doing well by bing pro-Iranian militias?
    we’ll expose all your lies and your hidden agenda to other midea.
    her’s some of why we don’t want Iranian militias in Mosul any more.
    Yes, we want Turkish troops to step in and re-take mosul at least until we do have some loyal and honest people – not like you – to rule our city, so go and say what you want.

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