The “Mosul Dilemma” 100 years later, once more!

Every once in awhile, several conferences and symposiums are organized to discuss the best resolution for Mosul after its liberation of ISIL. All these conferences and symposiums that we follow closely do not come up with any new solutions or ideas. They talk about implementing projects and programs in the city after its liberation, but, what do they miss?

They miss what over a million civilized citizen have to say in the city, those who are incapable of carrying arms to reclaim their rights. There are many segments of Nainawa’s society who are capable of carrying weapons and able to defend themselves, as they constantly state that, Kurdish forces, Yazidi forces, Christian forces, Shiite forces, in addition to that, the Arab tribal armed forces that all of them joined to fight ISIL today.

But we, as Mosuli citizens, think that the situation in Mosul after it is liberated, will get even worse. There are many Scenarios looming in the horizon, some of which indicating struggles and wars on the long run among all these forces for their territory borders. All of these forces are armed, and in the face of a weak Iraqi State and its inability to control and the handle the situation firmly and correctly, in addition to many demands from many countries to divide Mosul into pieces, give a great chance for this blood bath to never stop any time soon.

Kurdistan strives very hard to divide Mosul as Mosul’s division works in Kurdistan’s favor. This way, it will guarantee that swaths of Nainawa will be under its control, especially that the Christian forces in Nainawa plains are striving as well to establish its own region, which will, eventually, be under the Kurdish protection. And that is what Kurdistan is been promoting, in their efforts to export its own struggles into the heart of Mosul.

On the other side, there are Yazidi forces strive to establish their own region, as Vian Dakhil, the Yazidi Parliament Member, has already announced it. Also, other parties are trying to announce the establishment of a Shiite region in Talafar and its surroundings to protect its minorities there. Where the Sunnis are demanding their own region. Other parties are seeking to unite Mosul with Turkey as a resolution that guarantees the unity of Mosul after its liberation.

All the previous solutions will not lead to a civil peace. On the contrary, they will lead to never ending wars in the region. And God forbid, if Mosul ever fall in the hands of the Arab tribal forces, wars and struggles will rip the city among them until one of them wins over the rest, and that is the one who takes over Mosul’s resources. Thus, the struggle continues.

We as Mosulis, see that the best for our city is to subject our city to an international trusteeship or we will take the case of our city to the international community and come to an agreement with the Iraqi government on the terms and conditions of trusteeship that must guarantee primarily the reservation of Mosul as an Iraqi province with its natural geographical borders and subject it to international protection for a limited period of time until the rehabilitation of new political elites that are capable of administering the city properly and help prevent any possibilities that might subject the city to future wars.

In the case of dividing Mosul, it will bring all the chances for peace in the Middle East to an end. It will fuel the ethnic and religious wars in Iraq for generations.

We urge the international community to seriously think this case, and to put the Mosuli opinion into consideration, as this is an Iraqi-Mosuli matter. If the international community wants to help resolve this struggle, first, it is important to speak to the Mosuli people to understand their demands clearly.

We Do Not Want to Join Turkey
We Do Not Want to Join Kurdistan.
We Do Not Want to Divide Our City.
We Want to Stay an Iraqi Province Within Our Natural Borders Under International Protection.
We Are Terrified of Any Genocides and Bloodbaths Might Occur After Liberation.

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