A message from Mosul to the dead, for the living do not listen

A message from Mosul to the dead, for the living do not listen.

Beware you the dead, we start to remember what freedom is nowadays.

And when people remember what freedom is, that means something very dangerous is happening around the world.

Today is the second remembrance of Mosul’s fallout to ISIL. Thousands of my people were killed and no one considers them victims. No one looks at them as victims of terror for many reasons, and most of them are known to everyone.

My dear the dead
We have talked to the living but they didn’t listen, or, they do not want to listen. Therefore, I am sending my message to you, because you are closer to me and my people than the living. Yes, we are more closer to you, and there is only one difference between us, you are dead, berried in the ground, where we are dead, above the ground. But you are very happy, because you do not get to hear all the accusations and the bad talking that is said about you by your own people. And, the black flags are not flying over your graves.

You, the dead, are far more rested than us, and we may join you soon, to live with you, under the ground.

We have been calling upon the world for two years by now to free us of what we found ourselves into. We asked them to send us from over the ground to underneath the ground, but no one wanted to listen.

ISIL have killed more than 8000 human beings, just because they did not carry the same believes as theirs.
Oh Dear the dead, they still call us “traitors”, can a human being ever be able to betray one’s self?

Oh help us, you the dead, I am sure you hear us

We are more than two million dead over the ground in a massive graveyard called Mosul. We ask you and you are the ones under the ground, to hear us and to do us some justice. We are seeking freedom and we know that its price is death, and we are already dead, how we suppose to die once more?

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  1. Thousands of my people were killed and no one considers them victims.
    They are not your people, I am confident you are not Iraqi not Moslawy.

    Those who killed were innocent by gangs fed by whoever we they are Devil Hands, supported, trained and brought from anywhere (5000 from Europe) across Turkey, Syria and Iraq?

    German Army IDs 22 soldiers fighting with ISIS in Syria, Iraq
    5,000 ISIS jihadists at large in the EU: Europol boss warns huge numbers of terrorists have slipped back into European capitals after being trained in Iraq and Syria.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3455254/There-5-000-ISIS-trained-jihadists-roaming-large-European-Union-warns-head-Interpol.html#ixzz4BOOqlXhS
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    5,000 ISIS militants trained in Syria & Iraq walk free in Europe – Europol

    Yes some locals f*b* run with them just like Badar Militia Iranian mullah created as part of Iran Mullah Militia.

    Vanguard of the Imam: Religion, Politics, and Iran’s Revolutionary
    Afshon Ostovar – 2016 – ‎Political Science
    Every major Shiite militia and political party looked to take advantage of the quick … and led by major Shiite militia commanders, including Hadi al-Ameri (Badr), Qais … what had been said about Iranianforces in Syria.93 As early as June, Basij units … This made the Basijanother part of the IRGC’s overall contingent in Iraq.

    Now doing killing Iraqis from 2003 till now those you wrote “A message from Mosul to the dead, for the living do not listen”
    Where been done long time under the eyes of US military and general and they happy with that.

    وذكر العامري بحسب بيان نشره المكتب الإعلامي للجناح العسكري لمنظمة بدر، أنه “أصدر الأوامر لجميع مقرات منظمة بدر بأن يتعاملوا مع كل من يتعدى على مقرات المنظمة على أنه داعشي أو بعثي”، مبيناً “إننا بحرب مع هؤلاء والتعدي علينا جزء من معركتنا ويحق لنا الدفاع عن أنفسنا وهذا يعني الرد وبقوة وبكل وسائل الدفاع”.


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