“Nor do we see that any follow thee but the meanest among us” (11:27)

“Nor do we see that any follow thee but the meanest among us” (11:27)

Note: Badoosh prison mentioned here in this article is one example of the corruption in any prison where a strong presence of ISIL is registered.


ISIL doesn’t see including the despicables within its ranks as a flaw or deficiency. I was busy with this subject since ISIL and other terror groups start to surface in Mosul. I was familiar enough with the types of people joining the terror groups in Mosul. Their criminal records include, but not limited to, homosexuality, homicide, theft, smuggling, burglary, illegal weaponry trafficking and many other infamous crimes. Most, if not all of them, are well known for their infamous criminal records among the social classes of Mosul, and known as the most contemptible of all.

But those were ideal targets for ISIL and other terror groups to recruit. ISIL had many methods to headhunt those criminals and recruit them to join them:

1- Prisons:
Badoosh Prison (16 Kilometers to the west of Mosul) is one of the most important recruiting centers for ISIL. The prison was sectioned based on category of the sentences, Long term sentences, middle term and short term sentences and other sections. Each section constructed of eight large and medium chambers. There were other chambers dedicated only for highly profiled criminals with crimes ISIL itself consider them indecent. One of those chambers, which was the most significant chamber of all for them, was located in the long term and death sentences section where ISIL headquarter and Emaret center, where the Amir resides with the Imams and preachers preparation center is located, in addition to Martial arts training and fitness center. The prison Amir issues an order to transfer the graduated preachers to the felon chambers, and among the hundreds of inmates, with the protection and influence that would protect him from any assault by other inmates, this preacher is able to recruit at least 10 inmates out of every 100 inmates within two months minimum. those recruits are added to the “ideologically prepared fighters” and their names are sent to the prison wali and sends it to the linking contact outside the prison where they start to allocate monthly salary and paid to their families as they become officially members of ISIL. Those converted criminals-believers have their contacts where they invite them to their visitations to recruit them again. ISIL used the concept known as “Snowballing” in its recruiting strategy (teach 3 people, those three will teach nine people, and they will teach 27 people, and so on). This way they constantly keep on multiplying. Those outside recruits carry on different duties and orders from inside the prison, and the criminal convert believers carry on orders within the prison as well like killing other inmates, threatening police officers and their families, and enforce the prison’s security.
The number of those criminal convert believers from Badoosh Prison, who enrolled in ISIL ranks after ISIL’s invasion of Mosul, were more than 800 members.

2- Counter-Terrorism Jails:
This jail was particularly for leaders and executive amirs, the ones who order to execute terrorist attacks within Mosul, or to order to assassin and carry out tactical attacks, or to order the temporary control over Mosul every now and then. Entering this jail for those leaders was like (A voluntary arrest).

3- Police Directorate jails:
This jail was for ISIL inmates who are responsible of connections with the local police and security forces. their duty was ease weapon trade with the police.

ISIL is proud that it recruited the infamous of criminals into its ranks and changed them into “believers” capable of carrying out God’s well upon his land. Three months ago, at one of Friday mass, the preacher said about what “the enemies of the Islamic State” are saying with regards of having “the lowest of people” in their ranks and said: “But the chiefs of the Unbelievers among his people said: “Nor do we see that any follow thee but the meanest among us” (11:27) and started to go on details on the importance of joining such criminals within ISIL’s ranks by saying: A strong believer is better that a weak believer, and he brought a hadith narrated in two similar narration “For God will support this religion by the dissolute” (See Bukhari 3062 and Muslim 111).

Then the preacher started to bring different proofs about the necessity of having the dissolute within their ranks. He did not say clearly that they are “mercenaries”, instead he used the islamic term “Dissolute”, which it can be applied to the Muslim disobedient and the disbeliever as well.

This is glimps about ISIL’s recruiting process and how it handles its fighters and how to recruit them.

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