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ISIS threatens that it will have a tough response towards all the militant factions which do not present allegiance to “the caliph”, and on top of these is “Al-Qaeda organization” which ISIS accused them of being involved in threatening people and robbing people’s money before the control of ISIS over Mosul.

I managed to know, following a week of investigation, the relationship between ISIS and the Tribes’ Council and Tribes’ Rebels Council. ISIS: the forces which came from Syria and they had sleeper cells inside Mosul. Tribes’ Rebels Council: was formed on 10th of June 2014 and it includes a group of tribes and some armed factions (the most prominent are: “Al-Neqshebendi Way Men Army”, “The Islamic Army” and “Remnants of Jihadists Army”. This [Tribes’ Rebels] council refuses to obey ISIS and is on big dispute with them. There is sharp hassles between the council’s members and ISIS organization. On 18th of June, an armed confrontation occurred between ISIS and the council in “Agrarian Reform” area which was ended by some tribe’s leaders. This confrontation almost lead to the killing of ISIS’ leader in “Agrarian Reform” area. The council accuses ISIS of being a follower and infiltrator to the Syrian regime. The council refused to attend the allegiance ceremony to the alleged “caliph” which happened on Friday (4th of July). As for the Tribes’ Council: it’s the council which resulted from sit-ins squares in Mosul and one of their forces is what so called “Public Movement” and they have announced their allegiance, loyalty and obedience to ISIS.

The reduction in the numbers of militants in Mosul has become very striking. One question is spreading among people, and I have met a large number of people individually about that question which is: why nobody moves to take control of Mosul as it has become almost empty from militants and the left side [eastern] is almost free from militants apart from limited areas where they don’t have a weight in.

Alderman [Wali] of Mosul is one of Badoosh prison runaways and he is from Tela’afar and is known for his severe extremism. He stayed in Badoosh prison for 3 years. Many of the extremist which spread in Mosul today were “graduated” on his hands.

This Alderman/Wali himself was prohibited from attending the alleged “caliph’s” session which happened on Friday, without knowing the reasons for this decision.

Chaos has become the picture of the city after a month of ISIS’ control.

The random bombings affects the citizens’ homes which are free from militants’ presence. A missile fell yesterday [Sunday 6th of July] in 17th of July area which affected 3 houses and dropped a number of injured citizens. Another missile fell in 500m distance from the first missile, which resulted in full destruction of a house which is free from residents. Following the bombing, a big displacement movement started occurring from this area and now it’s almost empty from residents. The displacement is ongoing. Another missile fell on Al-Rasheediya area which killed 4 citizens and injured about another 30.

The series of religious shrines’ destruction is ongoing. ISIS had also destroyed Prophet Zarzis’ shrine and Prophet Daniel’s shrine yesterday (Sunday 6th of July).

From inside the “Parish [Al-Raa’iya] Affairs Council” which is responsible for citizens affairs and belongs to ISIS: There will not be a poor in Mosul and we will rethink all the properties and we will not allow anyone to own more than his need in order to generalize parity in property. [My comment: which means that ISIS will confiscate the money of the wealthy people in the city in the name of equality and justice].

ISIS sells oil derivatives such as benzene and white oil in Mosul as ISIS’ Gas Stations started to spread in the city. The price for a litre of benzene is 1750 Iraqi Dinars. They issued a decision regarding the owners of private electricity generators [purchase of generators’ fuel outside ISIS’ Gas Stations is forbidden].

Following the continuation in salaries cut-out for Mosul’s people, and as a result of internet cut-out and difficulty in communicating with the youth, I started “Mosul is my city” initiative via sending text messages to others: “Your neighbour is poor, your neighbour is hungry, buy a kilo of rice and a bottle of oil and give it to the poor and needy from your site. Contribute in keeping your city collaborative. Mosul is my city. Resend this text message for a coherent Mosul”. My goal from this initiative is to establish virtual public committees via SMS in order to help the needy.

We are back to our home now as there isn’t any safe place in Mosul and leaving Mosul has become very difficult and dangerous.

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