Another ISIS militant assassinated today; more youths and ex-Iraqi Army officers arrested by ISIS; Turkish fuel sold by ISIS; and Central Bank’s manager forced to open the safe deposit

[From inside Al-Layth Battalion which belongs to ISIS and based at Nineveh’s Pharmaceutical Company’s office] secretly and for the second time, a member of ISIS was exposed to an assassination operation by an unknown side today. Another assassination operation which targeted 2 ISIS members occurred previously too.

The organized arrest operations carried out by ISIS enters its 4th day in Mosul. Al-Zinjeeli area witnessed an arrest operation which targeted a group of youth in the area. Other operations happened in Al-Shifaa’ area, Agrarian Reform and 17th of July.

Turkish Cars’ fuel [benzene] spreads in Mosul via ISIS’ Gas Stations which started to spread in the city.

From a knowledgeable source: opening operation of the Central Bank’s safe deposit in Mosul happened following arresting the family of the Bank’s manager and threatening to kill his family if he does not return from Erbil to open it. He was forced to open the safe deposit and this occurred on Sunday the 1st of July.

ISIS arrests a number of the ex-Iraqi Army officers and some of them are elders, one of them is 76 years old who is a resident of 17th of July area, for unknown reasons.

“Mosul is my city” initiative enters its second day and reaches more than 1000 SMS with significant cooperation among recipients despite the ban on internet in the city.

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