ISIS guards Shiaas, threatens that no one carries weapons outside their rule, plans to shut down University of Mosul and celebrates their control over Tela’afar

ISIS provides the Shiaas of Al-Quba and Al-Shreekhan areas, in east Mosul, with safety. They distributed phone numbers among them in case they are exposed to insults, in order to make complaints.

The head of Mosul University is ready to give the employees their salaries. “Al-Haji”, ISIS official of Mosul University: “We don’t have time or plans to return the life to the University and our priorities are more important than the University or others”.

ISIS: ”whoever kills Al-Maliki himself outside our rule, we’ll kill him. No weapons should be carried outside our rule”.

News about the arrival of ISIS leaders in Syria to Mosul, among them are some Iraqi leaders of ISIS.

Badoosh prison and Al-Jazeera are the training centers of ISIS volunteers. The first group of the trainees have finished their training and has been sent to areas of conflict in South Mosul and Anbar.

Regarding Anwar Al-Asi [one of three leaders of one of the biggest Sunni tribes in Iraq]: ISIS and tribes’ armed men surrounded Al-Asi following forming a group against ISIS in Al-Ramal village with his cousin Wasfi Al-Asi [member of Mutahidoon party]. Al-Hawija (home of Al-Asi’s tribe, Kirkuk) fell under the control of ISIS completely and Al-Asis fled to Erbil [Kurdistan].

ISIS launches a huge celebration in Mosul, celebrating their control of Tela’afar [west Mosul] and women are throwing sweets over them [Iraqi norm of showing happiness and celebration].

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