Mosul’s people are in shock

[Mosul] people’s positions cannot be classified but under “first impression” category for having armed forces forced on them or any other groups. All said by ISIS is that they rescued Mosul people from Al-Maliki’s injustice [explaining the initial support of people to ISIS]. However, this position had changed for some people and increased in another group of people. The most who are biased to ISIS are the villagers and citizens of the poor areas and the homeless; therefore, the support to ISIS had come from uncivil people. AS for the civil and academics inside the city, fear of ‘what it’s going to turn into’ is increasing among them. The most question asked by the civilized is “What will ISIS do after they settle? Will them force their strict religious system or not?”- That’s how people are thinking but what’s saddening is that many have started supporting statues destruction process by considering them idols.

I hope from you to reiterate that people of Mosul are living in a shock state and that their first impressions cannot be judged, especially that ISIS is using a smart approach by not confronting or harming people, therefore, they felt content. However, after activating the Legitimate Court and spreading their centres, things are becoming more dangerous in the future. Every day passes with ISIS inside the city means that destruction will continue and increase.

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