Panic spreads among Mosul people

3pm 21/6/2014 Mosul

1)  Some Arab tribes’ leaders in Mosul are inviting armed men for feasts in their homes: leader of Al-Hamdoon tribe and that of Al-A’abady tribe had invited the armed men for a feast today where they slaughtered about 30 sheep [Al-Hamdoon are known for their previous support to Al-Qaeda in Mosul].

2)  Armed men locked up two drunk men of theirs in their prison in Msherfa area, west Mosul.

3)  A state of extreme anxiety among civilians as Ramadan is approaching. Fear of food shortage, electricity black out. Private generators [electricity generators] owners say that their fuel is going to run out by the end of the month. A state of chaos prevails Mosul’s markets and prices are increasing sharply. 

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