Fear of the upcoming

7:10pm 21/6/2014 Mosul

This week is considered the most anxious and fearful week for the civilians of Mosul. People started doubting their views about the armed men, especially after the destruction of statues and tombs in Mosul. This week, despite the safety on roads, is considered the most anxious and fearful week as there has not been any press released by the armed men. It’s the 16th day of the armed men presence and no statements have been made by them nor an explanation of who they are, the nature of their presence and their future plans. Everything is still unknown, up to this moment. A little while ago, one of them was preaching in a khutba [lecture/ speech] in one of the mosques; his speech only covered interesting people in Islam and Al-Sharia’a but he did not talk about the future. 

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