What’s happening in Mosul – 10-18-2016

​What’s happening in Mosul?

1- Continuous flying of aircrafts abive Mosul; it is clear that those jets are surveillance airjets. Aircrafts never stop flying over Mosul 

2- An uneasy quietness in the city. People are out for few hours and then theu disappear. Life in the city is over by 4:00 pm local time.

3- ISIL is still in the city. They don’t appear tyat much. Some neighborhoods is completely free of their presence, especially at Alwahda, Almuthanna, and Alssukar neighborhoods. Their presence is more evident in Gogjali and Karama, even though they have left their headquarters, they are still present there.

4- ISIL numbers are very limited at Rashidiya and Gubba, Shrikhan Al-Uliya, Shrikhan Al-Sufla villages. Those villages were shiite villages before, and ISIL confiscated all its residents’ belongings. ISIL presence was always weak in those villages, and today, their presence is limited to no presence at all.

5- Wadi Eqab industrial district is closed. No ongoing business is conducted there. ISIL has full control over the district; it has turned the district into a manufacturing facility for bombs, car bombs, and IEDs. ISIL manufactured plenty of IEDs in the past couple of days.

6- ISIL detention camps still filled with prisoners. We believe that the estimated number of prisoners is about 2000-2500. All of them are young men age between 18-25 years old.

7- We are certain that ISIL still hold Yazidi female captives at these locations: Al-Ba’ath, Al-Zira’ai neighborhoods, and Al-Ssukar and Al-Jamhouri hospitals.

8- Till this point, there are no apparent signs of war in Mosul. The residents are aware of the military progress at the city’s surrounding areas. But until this moment, the city has not entered the warning stage. ISIL seems quite as well.

9- The humanitarian situation in the city is dire. In case of any seige is imposed on the city, all supplies will vanish from the city in two weeks.

10- People are preparing for the possibility of power lose. ISIL has given its orders to power providers to stop supplying power from 10:00 PM till 12:00 PM the next day. 

11- All roads and walksides are booby-trapped.

12- ISIL has limited its use of cars significantly, and relies more on Motorcycles.

13- ISIL executed 12 prisoners this morning (10-18-2016)

14- People are trying to leave the city at any cost. Many are ready to flee at any moment the battles approach the city. Tgeir biggest fear is to be caught between ISIL fire and the liberating forces fire.

15- The moment of liberation and what’s after liberation is the biggest scrupulosity in the Mosulus minds at this moment.

16- Uncertain and frightening fate is what’s waiting us after liberation. We do not feel any contentment under the current circumstances and after liberation.

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