ISIL losses big in Anbar

Mujtahid Al-Anbar, One of the most trusted sources in Anbar that we trust.

The Joint Iraqi forces recover about 140 km from ISIS within the past four months, in Anbar Province alone, stretching along the international highway that connects Iraq to both Syria and Jordan.

Most remarked areas ISIL lost lately:

– City of Ramadi, , the capital of Anbar Province, stretched for about 10 km along the international highway. It constructs the most important intersection that connects Eastern Anbar to Western Anbar. It includes the local government headquarters and Anbar Operations Command.

– A longitudinal stripe stretching 50 km along the Euphrates river, parallel to the international highway, starts from the Western borders of Fallujah to Alsijariyah, East of Ramadi. The most remarked areas within this stripe are: Alhabbaniya, Alkhalidiya, Eastern Hasiba, Albubali. It also includes the old road that used to connect Ramadi with Fallujah, which is one of the important passing roads in the area.

– A longitudinal stripe that stretches for 80 km, starts from Alwarrar bridge area, Western Ramadi, to Abu Tayban village, on the outskirts of Hit. The most remarked areas included in this stripe are: Alta’mim, Khamsa-Kilo, Sab’a-Kilo, Zankura, Ala’asriya village and others.

Aside from this stripe, the joint Iraqi forces have successfully recovered the vast majority of the important areas located on different centers, like Anbar university South of Ramadi and Altharthar intersection in the North.


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