Al-Baghdadi claims to be a decedent of Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Kurds are considered “brothers” by ISIS

Although ISIS has promised to explain why they displaced Christians during Friday’s preach, they did not point out to anything regarding Christians yesterday. The preach was prepared for a press release regarding the “roots” of their caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, whom as they claim is related to Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Al-Baghdadi also had studied Islamic Sharia’a in Al-Sharia’a College in Baghdad, and had obtained a Bachelor degree in Al-Sharia’a. This is what was published, which was written by one of ISIS leads who is a Bahraini called “Turki Al-Bana’ali”. The most prominent content in Al-Baghdadi’s roots and his allegiance press is that allegiance does not have to be from all people for the person to become their caliph, but a small number of people is enough for the alleged caliph’s caliphate to become legitimate. بعد ان وعدت داعش بتوضيح ما جرى من تهجير للمسيحيين في خطب الجمعة، لم يحدث ان اشارت الى اي شيء حول المسيحيين، بل كانت الخطبة معدة لبيان “نسب” خليفتهم ابو بكر البغدادي، الذي كما يدعون يعود بنسبه الى علي بن ابي طالب، كما انه قد درس الشريعة في كلية الشريعة في بغداد وحاصل على بكالوريوس منها في الشريعة، هذا المنشور كتبه احد قياديي داعش وهو البحريني المدعو “تركي البنعلي”. ابرز ما جاء في منشور نسب البغدادي وبيعته، هو ان المبايعة لا تجب على كل الناس ليحصل خليفتهم على شرعيته، بل يكمن الاكتفاء بعدد قليل من الناس لتصبح خلافته شرعية.

ISIS issued an issue yesterday which denies any displacement of Kurds in Mosul and considers this talk “purposed propaganda”. They consider Kurds as Sunni and brothers to them. A copy of the press-release is attached.داعش تصدر بيان ينفي تهجير الكرد من الموصل وتعد هذا الكلام “اشاعة مغرضة” وتعتبر ان الكرد سنة واخوة لهم وهذا نص البيان

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