Destruction of Al-Fiteh Al-Mosuli shrine (from the Abbasid’s time). More monuments and shrines in danger

Destruction of Al-Fiteh Al-Mosuli shrine (called Al-Sheekh Fethi locally) with cranes at night. They kept searching for his grave for two nights and they haven’t stopped yet, they are going back to finish destroying it tonight. I must indicate that destruction of shrines occurs at night. In order for people to know why this shrine is important, I’ll tell you a little bit about his life: Al-Fetih is a Sufi called Fatih- Allah Al-Mosuli, he lived at the time of Al-Khalifa Haroon Al-Rasheed (Abbasid). He had a student who had close ties with him called Fatih- Allah Al-Hikari (Kurdish), he asked to be buried next to his teacher when he dies, but the public think the person who is buried next to the student is the Shekh’s sister. The shrine was re-conditioned during Atabeg’s time, especially during Badir Al-Deen Lua’Lua’. Sufis used to always come to this shrine.

There are about 18 shrines and religious monuments threatened to be destroyed in Mosul. I managed to know from an eyewitness on the destruction process that  the reason for destruction is because Mosques should not be held upon graves and that their destruction is application of the Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah- “Do not make the graves of your leaders mosques”. What’s striking is that the people did not have a negative reaction towards these incidents, in contrary, there was support among the public since the city has a religious legacy.

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