Job positions occupied by Christians have been cancelled by ISIS today and the Chaldean Archbishopric has also been taken over by ISIS

All Christians’ job positions have been cancelled in all governmental offices in Mosul following a decision by ISIS. The reason told for this decision is that Christians are followers of Kurdistan’s governance. Chaldean Archbishopric has been taken over by ISIS too, following taking over the Orthodox Archbishopric yesterday.

Regarding the General Military Council: There is no role for the Military Council (Tribes’ Rebels Council) nor the other factions, they are all subordinate to ISIS. ISIS had declared what’s called “The City’s Code [Constitution]” which says that all factions which are not loyal and under ISIS’ wing are considered opponents and they will not be allowed to work before declaring their loyalty and obedience [Baya’a] to ISIS. Until today, we have not heard a sound from the tribes’ rebels nor the other factions. The loudest voice is ISIS only. The presence of the tribes’ rebels and the other factions is only to fill in the gap which ISIS leaves, nothing more. Meaning that they are all ISIS followers.

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