A Cry from The Guardians of Life in Mosul .. Doctors

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Dr. Saad Salem’s appeal to all Iraqi doctors residing in Iraq and a board Dear professor,

Greetings from Mosul, wounded, died and covered with the blood of innocent people.

I address you on behalf of my patients and wounded of Mosul. If the number of our deaths is 40,000, you can imagine the number of wounded. Our hospitals are destroyed by 90 percent. Imagine a city of highly populated (3 million) has 2 central Ultrasound and 2 x-rays and the rest are belong to private sectors!! I have an idea Fund raising from Mosul medical college graduates from all over the world. I do not think that anyone graduated from the Faculty of Medical school- Mosul hesitates to donate $ 100 to the teaching hospitals Ibn Al-Atheer and Khansa, which serves the city and the Faculty of Medicine. My brother, Dr Kamal, please try to help me improve the health services in Mosul. You are aware of the actual amount of the current government support which is equal to zero. I was desperate at the beginning as we get no help from the official channels, however, when I was able to get 500 wheelchairs for our department I knew that I should not give up and always is there will be a hopes d doors will open to help our beloved city. So I’m seeking your help as today, you have united the Iraqi doctors under your name. Can I ask you for a favour for the college and a city that has graduated a group of doctors, thousands and leaders, who are proudly successfully working around the world to donate as a little acknowledgement for the college and their home city. My hope in God is to help us all and make it easier. your brother Saad Salem Iraq Mosul.

Ola Altaie

To donate for tgis cause, please follow the link below:



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