Ten steps that will terminate ISIS completely from Mosul

10 points to truly defeat ISIS in Mosul:

The past three years of Mosul as we knew it was endorsed by ISIS. Before those three years, there was a fatal systematic failure that led to those last three years. This fatal failure didnot take place in a short period of time, but it took decades before it manifested into the last three years.

Below are ten steps that I vision to prevent this catastrophe from reoccurring again:

1- Building a local police force with training and new expertise, modernizing the police apparatus using modern techniques, inviting Mosul’s youth to volunteer in the police apparatus, and dividing the city into electronically monitored sectors by installing cameras (The state should inforce shops and store owners at all neighborhoods to install the cameras and connect tgem ) And preventing any other forces, whether tribal or other, from exercising the authorities inside Mosul.

2- Turning over the reconstruction of Mosul to private companies and foreign investment companies and never rely on any local authority and link donors (countries supporting the reconstruction) directly with foreign companies and in agreement with the central government.

3- Establishing a security and judicial system in conjunction with the Ministries of Justice, Interior, Defense, and Human Rights, Civil society committees, and the United Nations to deal with the issue of ISIS and its families and calling for the prosecution of those charged in public trial broadcast to all Iraqis and public screen boards on the streets. Also, for those who are proven their innocence on trial to be released and declare their innocence publicly as well. Moreover, stop and prevent any popular trials that would threaten security and civil peace.

4- Providing civil society committees and voluntary civic campaigns more attention, support, and organization to enable them to mobilize the youth and participate in further stablizing Mosul. Because civil society organizations are the Civic Establishment that is capable of carrying out effective campaigns, and directly linking them with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and the United Nations, and expediting the return of displaced persons to their areas.

5- The rehabilitation of the old city in accordance with its same previous style and never change anything of it. Also, to hand over its reconstruction, along with the archaeological sites and the Nuri Mosque and the Hadbaa minaret, to foreign architectural design companies and link the reconstruction directly with UNESCO. Also, to construct a new museum in Mosul for both the Assyrian and Islamic civilizations

6- The Iraqi military remains on the outskirts of Mosul through the rehabilitation of al-Ghazlani base and another base in north-west Mosul and al-Kindi base. The tasks of the military are not inside the cities, but the periphery and protection on the outside.

7- Delivery of the file of agriculture to international companies for the rehabilitation of the agricultural sector in Nineveh and the revival of agricultural areas and support for farmers Agriculture is a cornerstone in the development of the local economy.

8- Rehabilitation of factories in Mosul and supporting the industrial sector and industrialists in the city.

9- Establishing of a Council of Religions in Mosul that includes all religious and religious sects that will monitor the religious discourse in the city and prevent the dissemination of any extremist views or hate speech among sects and religions. This council will be able to discuss any views related to one religion without another before forming any decision that might generate a wave of hate and/or ignite a religious conflict.

10- Revitalize trade and reactivate its role in rebuilding Mosul.

Each one of those points tackle a single problem the city was, and still, suffer, and they are the roots of the solution we need to see take place in our future Mosul.

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