Demographic change in Mosul and ‘new conflict hotspot’.

What are the current major problems in Mosul?

– Security: No clear authority, PMU has the power over everyone else. – Housing: 1000s of people still have no houses in Old Mosul, others are selling their houses and leaving the city. The well respected military commander by the people Najim al Jaburi of Mosul was fired recently and replaced by another one from Abu Gharib who has know knowledge of the situation of Mosul.

– Reconstruction plans: No clear plans, attempts to seize the Old Mosul to build commercial markets. – The tension over the religious endowment between the Christian, Sunni and Shia endowments in Mosul is growing and is creating a ‘new conflict hotspot’.

– Society: ISIS families problem still unsolved and is creating more social problems. 1000s of children have no access to health, education and basic services. – Health: One of the major problems in Mosul as many hospitals were destroyed and still not been rebuilt.

– Education: 80 student for each class. – Jobs: 1000s of youth have no jobs.

“Unknown buyers” are buying 30 houses a week in Old Mosul. Sometimes they buy 20 house a day. People are leaving to Kurdistan because they have not even basic services. Government isn’t providing anything. UNDP did nothing so far regarding infrastructure or what makes people return. Local government is bargaining the locals to sell their houses. People are asking for support to return home but no one is responding to them. Two days ago people from Old Mosul told the governor we want your support to rebuild our houses, we won’t sell them. We won’t rebuild them, forget it, the governor said.

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  1. I have collected children’s books for the library, but it seems there are much more serious concerns for the people of Mosul. My heart goes out to them. May their suffering be eased and peace be restored soon.

    Norma Pezzini

    Norma Pezzini

  2. I hope for the people of Mosul that they have a future and that the old centre will once be restored. It is important for the whole world.

  3. In response to other articles, I have asked if moving shipping containers to Mosul is possible. I work with an NGO that moves container loads of donations to Africa. Do students need books? We sent hundreds of English language text books, high school and college. Do people need clothes? We send stacks. Medical equipment? After injured people heal, we get the used equipment. What is discarded in the US is precious elsewhere in the world.

    Is it possible to move shipping containers to Mosul?

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