Operation Western Bank Liberation – Mosul

​About the operations of the western bank Liberation:

The movements South of Mosul started from Hammam Al-Alil towards the western bank of Mosul. Cleansing of villages, removing embankments, and the the battles are still at a normal pace. ISIL so far has not shown any major resistance. Their numbers are small there at those villages, and it plans on persuading the army into the heart of the city where it prepared complex entrenchments, where the army is planning on enticing ISIL to the southern and northern outskirts of the city.

The army is advancing at a rapid pace, liberating many villages. As of today’s early evening, the army is only 6 km away from the city. On the north, the movement is still preliminary by the 16th Brigade, along with SWAT forces, trained on Tactical fighting.

The new thing now is that the number of the Mosuli Sunni fighters has increased as the quality of their training has improved. There are about 8 thousands Mosuli fighters among different security troops, in the forms of police, army, PMUs, and among those is what is known as “Mosul SWAT” forces. This force consists of about 700 fighters, whom just finished their training with the American forces and gaing excellent capabilities and will play an effective role at this phase and will come as a force built by the Mosuli community.

In general, the operations are still at preliminary stage, and we may witness major battles within a week, passing through the city’s outskirts into the residential neighborhoods.

It seem as if ISIL has given up the airport south of Mosul, and withdrawn from it. Soon, the liberation of the airport will be declared.

The eastern bank is witnessing an escalation after launching today’s operations. ISIL luanched two bombings on the eastern bank, one of them was near Sayidati Al-Jamila restaurant, which was bombed earlier this month.


Most of the administrative and government complexes are located on the western bank of Mosul, specifically at Al-Dawasa, where the center of Mosul’s local administration, and that is the Governorate of Mosul, in addition to tge telecommunications and postal agencies and other agencies.

It is the old Mosulthat houses one of the most significant historical landmark of the city “Manaret Al-Hadbaa” (The humped minaret) and “Al-Jami’ Al-Nuri” (Al-Nuri mosque), where Ibrahim Awad declared his alleged caliphate.

Estimated ISIL forces on the western bank: 

Fighters: 2000 – 2500 fighters

Ages: %40 of the fighters are teenagers, about %7 of them are children below 12 years old.

The gates to liberate the western bank are: Musheirifa to the utmost north of the western bank, Mosul’s airport and Al-Bu Saif to its utmost south of it.

Where the battles might take place?

At Al-Zinijilli, Al-Rifa’i, Al-Islah Al-Zira’i, Al-Uraibi, 17 Tammoz, and Musheirifa from the north, and Al-Ghuzlani, Al-Tayaran, Al-Jusaq, Al-Danadan, and Al-Dawasa from the  south.

Hai Al-Thaura, Mosul Al-Jadid, and Dawrat Al-Risala (Al-Risala roundabout) will be the last defense lines for ISIL.

When can we tell that the western bank of Mosul is no longer under ISIL’s control militarily?

After liberating 17 Tammoz, Al-Zinijilli, Bab Sinjar, Al-Dawasa, and Mosul Al-Jadida, ISIL will be annihilated on the western bank of Mosul.


ISIL built high concrete barricades on the easter side of the western bank, starting from Musheirifa, all the way to Al-Mosul hotel area.

The international coalition may play a bigger role in the operations of the western bank liberation. There are increasing indicationsthat the American forces with deal with extra firmness with the next stages of the upcoming operations and they might use extra fire force. Also, other warplanes will participate in the operations after developing their fighting capabilities, like F15 and F33, and will engage more in the operations. Also, the Apatche fighter helicopters will participate in the battles more efficiently to ensure victory, eliminate ISIL’s car bombs, and annihilate what is left of the shock troops (Inghimasiyin), who know, by now, their fate after all their pitty fighting on the eastern bank of Mosul.

ISIL’s spirits is down, and we should witness the fall of many neighborhoods at the western bank. 

What are the neighborhoods on the western bank of Mosul?

1- Musheirifa

2- Musheirifa Al-Ula

3- Musheirifa Al-Thaniya

4- Hawi Al-Kanisa

5- 17 Tammoz

6- Al-Iqtisadiyin

7- Al-Harmat

8- Al-Uraibi

9- Al-Najjar

10- Al-Rifa’i

11- Al-Islah Al-Zira’i

12- Sina’at Al-Abwab wa Al-Shababik

13- Sina’at Wadi Iqab

14- Hai Al-Tanak

15- Al-Zinijilli

16- Al-Shifaa

17- Al-Sihha, Al-Thaura

18- Sina’at Ghanim Al-Sayid

19- Al-Uruba

20- Al-Abar

21- Hadayiq Al-Yarmuk

22- Al-Mosul Al-Qadima (Old Mosul, consists of Al-Faruq and Bab Jidid)

23- Al-Danadan

24- Al-Dawasa

25- Al-Nabi Shiit

26- Al-Akayidat

27- Al-Mahatta

28- Mosul Al-Jadida

29- Al-Risala

30- Nablis

31- Rajm Al-Hadid

32- Al-Jusaq

33- Al-Tayaran

34- Al-Ghuzlani

35- Al-Naft

36- Al-Amil

37- Al-Amil Al-Thani

38- Wadi Al-Ain Al-Janubiya

39- Wadi Hajar

40- Al-Mansur

41- Al-Shuhada’

42- Tal Al-Rumman

43- Hawi Al-Jusaq

44- Matar Al-Mosul (Mosul Airport)

45- Al-Harakiya wa Al-Ghabat

46- Ma’amil Al-Banjar wa Al-Sukkar

47- Dur Al-Sukkar

48- Muaskar Al-Ghuzlani (Al-Ghuzlani camp)

49- Al-Ma’mun

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