ISIL Kills Abu Bakr

ISIL Kills “Abu Bakr”

ISIL did not dare to mention his real name .. they lied to people and to their selves .. ISIL, who claimed it is here to guard the Sunnis, kills Abu Bakr!

Abu Bakr Abbas Yassin Al-Darraji Al-Samarra’i, a Colonel in the Iraqi army, was beheaded by ISIL. ISIL wanted to cover the fact that he is a Sunni Iraqi military officer, disguising the world to indicate that the Iraqi Army and Military forces are solely built of the Shiite sect, and not consists of all Iraqi sects and ethnicities.

ISIL used “Abbas Yassin” to disguise the world and indicate that he is from a certain sect, just to escalate more tentions and destruction, but it fall in its evil actions.

May your soul rest in peace, and our sincere condolences to your family and friends

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