Be Ready to Celebrate Chrismas Early

Get your razors ready, your liberation is very soon ..
Get ready and dress up for your liberation, and have your razors ready, for ISIL and its beard will be taken off of Mosul, and we’ll decorate its streets’ with the flags of civilization and peace ..
The churches’ bells will ring again in Mosul, and we’ll sing the songs of peace out loud.
We’ll never let the speeches of death and evil and the minarets’ of destruction to rise up again in Mosul.
We’ll replace the black flags with colourful ones. This winter won’t be cold. It will be warm with candles lighting up the churches and the streets.

This winter will be colourful and we will celebrate the third spring of Nainawa.

Prepare all your songs, prepare your turkeys, we are celebrating New Year in Mosul.

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