Yesterday’s bombardment of Mosul

After the airstrikes carried out today by the Coalition forces on ISIL’s headquarters in Mosul, those airstrikes were hitting ISIL in the core as they were targeting ISIL’s headquarters that it used to promote its disguised and false propaganda. The municipal offices, their offices at Alfaisaliya district and ISIL’s Sharie courts, all those locations were the headquarters which ISIL used to sentence death sentences to the innocent citizens of Mosul.

Many people condemned those airstrikes against ISIL in Mosul, but, have those people ever thought about the crimes committed by ISIL against the citizens of Mosul every day? This bombardment is necessary to weaken ISIL and destroy it. Tens of ISIL’s members were killed in those airstrikes today, starting from Um Alhool in the Western borders of Nainawa inside Syria, Alba’aj, Alkasak, Mosul, Alkoier and Telafar. Mosul right now is besieged on many fronts, and very soon, ISIL will be cut off its vital connection with Syria, and your liberation will be very soon.

We say be patient and are a little more, for Freedom is always priceless. Don’t listen to those talking about targeting the civilians. There may be some mistakes, but it is illogical to compare ISIL’s crimes with the coalition airstrikes that some innocent people might fall, unintentionally, during those airstrikes.

ISIL is a Cancer that must be eliminated, and you , Mosulis, must take a transparent and explicit stand, you either say that you are with ISIL so that the Coalition forces stop striking it and let you live the ages of death and destruction, or, you say it out loud that you want to be free, for Freedom requires some sacrifices, and those sacrifices are temporary.
Let’s all stand united in the face of ISIL’s terror. Let me tel you that the world now realizes that ISIL is cancerous at a global scale and destroying it has become the utmost priority of the whole world.
Freedom is very near my people, and we all will celebrate in plazas of Mosul, and we will dance, just hold on a little bit more.

Let me tell you the death toll of the airstrikes for you to know that those airstrikes were very precise, accurate and devastating to ISIL:

Alkasak: 32 members were killed in various airstrikes. The military head of ISIL at Alkasak, Abu And Alkhatooni was among the dead.

Alba’aj: 38 members were killed in airstrikes targeted tunnels and carbomb workshop and a mobile hospital belongs to ISIL.

Mosul – The Easter Bank:
Abu Aiyob Alsharie, ISIL’s grand Sharie judge was killed in a strike on the municipality of Mosul.
18 Chechnyans were killed at Alkarama Industrial district
13 foreign fighters were killed (Asians) in various airstrikes at Alkuoier
19 members were killed at Um Alhool after targeting tankers belong to ISIL.

Today, the streets of Mosul are almost empty of cars and pedestrian. Water still cut off and only available for few hours per day. ISIL is using every way possible to collect taxes from the Mosulis, daily executions and daily limb amputations of the innocent, apprehensions and detentions, torture and violations in prisons, and with all that, ISIL is trying to paint a Utopian image of Mosul under its rule.

My brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters, I beg you to think this time with an open mind, with the whole world and future in mind. Every extra day ISIL stays in Mosul means death of a brother, a son, a cousin, a friend, a blood relative, a lover of yours.

Winter is biting on the poor of the Mosulis out of Mosul and their endurance has reached unbearable limit. I tell you ” Freedom is very near”

Just bare a little bit more, and bare this ordeal a little more, those very warplanes that bombard ISIL are here to free you from this destructive invasion.

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  1. Hallo mosuleye.
    We follow you since the very beginning and not just once been worried about you.
    Please go on. We all know it is just a matter of time and Mosul will be free again.

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