The Tishrin Revolution Papers: Mosul Schools and students joins the civil disobedience

A group of students from several schools around Mosul have joined the protest despite the fears after the militias have threatened to arrest anyone protest, and the fact that 6 students were arrested two days ago after they protested and were later released with the condition of signing a document not to protest again and also were told if they protest they will be charged with terrorism crimes.

Since the beginning of the protest across Iraq and Mosul couldn’t join and the reasons explained by several Mosulis were that they are afraid of being killed or arrested. the University of Mosul have received multiple threats from the militias mainly PMU affiliated Brigade 30 of Nineveh Plains. This led many Mosulis to leave Mosul to Baghdad to join the protest.

While they are unable to protest on the ground, Mosulis have been remarkably active online to support the protest inside and outside Iraq. It is important to note here that many people of Mosul are discussing that they feel they are again believing in Iraq and they feel they are represented in this country. Iraqis from Baghdad and other cities have sent messages to the Mosulis excusing them for not protesting and showing solidarity and support to Mosul. This is highly contributing to the growing of the solidarity sentiment.

Despite all the fears, there is a growing movement in Mosul and might join the protest in the next coming days.

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