The Tishrin Revolution Papers: Basra protest controls roads to Abu Flous Port

According to Yousif Al Hashami, an activist from Basra, the protesters have now controlled all the roads leading to Abu Flous Port and Shiba oilfield. This move will have a huge negative implication on the national economy.

In Nasriyya, the protesters have also controlled all the main roads.

This move of controlling the roads was an act from the protesters to make the civil obedience more effective as the employees fear punishment from the goverment, the protesters launched a campaign with the slogan “give them an excuse انطيهم عذر” means closing the roads will help the employees to stay home with a legitimate reason.

the Civil obedience has so far affected 12 districts in Baghdad, main streets of Nasriyya and Basra, 10s of schools and colleges in Mosul.

Siba Subdistrict (Arabic: السيبة‎) is a subdistrict located in Iraqi Basra Governorate , at the West bank of Shatt al-Arab Its seat is the town of Siba. Total population is 160 000 inhabitants, all ShiasArabs.They work in agriculture, fishing and small business.

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