To Google Maps: Updating the Mosul Map will help the recovery of a destroyed city

Dear Google Maps,

The map of Mosul has not been updated since 2004. The city is now almost completely destroyed. Seventy-five percent of its historical sites and neighborhoods are damaged or destroyed. Despite this destruction, an updated map could aid the city’s recovery more rapidly.

Updating the Google Map of Mosul will provide us with:

1.Documentation of the destruction as well as information to calculate the damage faster, and help organizations working to recover the city creatively;

2. Help to the ITs specialized in employing technology in reconstruction frameworks and situations;

3. Evidence to preserve the remaining historical sites of Mosul;

4. The ability to create more jobs for young people from the city who are desperately in need of a current map to develop their apps and provide better services to city residents and to aid the goverment in its efforts to remake and rehabilitate the city;

5. Support to protect the city from violent and armed groups;

6. A better resource to protect and provide services to the almost 2 million displaced people living in nearby camps;

7. And accurate coordinates for those wanting to send shipments from outside the city and abroad to help in its recovery.

Please update the map of Mosul to promote a more peaceful city, its recovery and future.

Omar Mohammed

Historian and Founder of Mosul Eye

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