A message to the media about Mosul

A little while ago, I was in my neighbor’s house (who is a Shia) after his return to his house which is located in Mosul’s most dangerous area, at the heart of the armed men. His presence in his house was a good sign. I called my Christian friend and I asked him about if Al –Jiziya [tax on non-Muslims] was forced upon him, he said that it’s not true and he denied it. However, it could be happening in other areas of Mosul. I have also checked the churches of Mosul and they are still upheld, they have not been destroyed in any shape or form. These news must reach people’s mind, that Mosul will refuse and reject ISIS presence but the people need moral support and media that promotes the Iraqi spirit. Abu Al-Tamam’s [famous poet] statue has been destroyed by ISIS.

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