Campaign – Book and Literature Donations to the libraries of Mosul

“Let it Be a Book, Rising from the Ashes” – Mosul Eye

Mosul’s many libraries used to be housing the most precious and valuable manuscripts and rare prints in the region, and its libraries used to be the destination for anyone who’s looking for those treasures. And in a devastating assault on the humanity heritage in Mosul, ISIL devastated Mosul’s libraries, among the devastation it inflicted on the city, wrecking those libraries by stealing, destroying and burning those treasures, under different excuses. Once as “useless science”, another as “Illegitimate science”, and last but not least, “blasphemous books”!

And because rebuilding the libraries and filling them back with books is one of the most significant forms of rebuilding Mosul civilly, we launch this international campaign to collect books and all types of printed products (magazines, periodicals, newspapers, references, archives, and the like) in all disciplines of Knowledge and Science, and IN ALL LANGUAGES .. ALL LANGUAGES AND DISCIPLINES ARE WELCOME.

We will work on collecting them, categorizing them, and preparing them until recovering the main libraries in the city and rehabilitate them.

Please send your books to the address mentioned below and login to the link below to register your names and donations

Title: Mosul Eye campaign to revive the libraries of Mosul
Address: Iraq, Erbil, Sadunawa behind Erbil International Hotel (Sheraton) building.


Thank you for your contribution.

Register Your Donations.




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