The Tishrin Revolution Papers: Mother of the kidnapped activist calls for help to release her daughter

The mother of Saba Al Mahwdawi, a civil activist who was providing medical assistance to the protesters in Tahrir Square, Baghdad has been kidnapped late last night on her way home after spending several days providing medical support to the injured people in Tahrir Square. According to the reports came from Ahmad Al Bashair, Mushraiq Abbas and others, an armed group stopped Saba while driving in the middle of Baghdad and led her to unknown location, she was heard screaming and her last words was calling her mother. Activist managed to provide useful information such as the location where she was kidnapped and the records of her care license. But Saba is still kidnapped.

The Iraqi activist have launched the hashtag #وين_صبا to make a noise to help freeing her.

Since the beginning of the protest in Iraq and the goverment is using deadly weapons to attack the protesters. More than 250+ have been killed and at least 8000 injured while 10s others have disappeared.

Below is the video of her mother calling for help to free her daughter.

Saba’s Mother

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