Unearthed: Inscription of the Mosuli historian’s house

Unearthed in Old Mosul today in Mayyasa district the inscription of the construction of the House of the Mousli historian and poet Yahia b. AbdulaJalil b. Yunus died 1784. the inscription reads:

خيّم اللطف على منزلكم
ولها الله بكل الخير حبى
عمرت تعمير يمن وهنا
فجلى الكرب بها والقلب نجى
ولهذا يا أحبتي أرّخو :
نفح الأرواح في دارك يحيى
سنة ١١٧٣

May kindness fills your house
and may god with give reward you with godness
the house is built with blessings and happeness
That removed all sandness and protectd thee heart
So, my beloved ones, write its history
thee brought life your house, Yahia

Year 1173 H\1759

We know from the inscription that the house was built in 1759 and belongs to Yahia Al Jalili. It is unusual to see such inscriptions to document the construction of houses. It is usually for Mosques.

Since the destruction of Mosul and we are still discovering and unearthing heritage of Mosul. It is a good sign that we didn’t lose everything but without protection for this heritage it will be looted.

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