Cinemas for Mosul: A call to the international community

We once enjoyed the cinemas in Mosul where we had 11 cinemas around the city that played a major role in enriching the cultural life of Mosul. Now, in 2019 no single cinema is left.

The cinemas we had: Hammurabi, Granada, Seville, Babylon, Hadba, the National theater, Al Sadun, Andalus, King Ghazi, King Faisal, and al Watan. All Cinemas stopped after 2003. Now is the time to reopen them. 
Some of the films projected in Mosul in the past: Gone with the wind, Zorba Le Grec, the Ugly American, Mother India, War and Peace, Miracle a Milan, the Bicycle thief, to Sir, with Love. And other Arab and western films. 
We deserve a cinema in Mosul, don’t we?

This is a call to the international community to help us restore our cultural life. Mosul should live a normal life as fighting terrorism is not just a military action but it requires deep understanding of the cultural roots of terrorism to tackle it down.

The revival of Mosul’s heritage will reveal keys to humanity’s resistance against violence and division. It will reveal that the only way to live together is by believing in diversity as a mosaic, where each distinct piece is integral to the revelation of the whole, where any missing piece will in the end rob all of their shared destiny. The protection andpromotion of this heritage in the contemporary culture will create safe spaces of communication between diverse groups of people. When you feel your identity is protected, you will act in a responsible way before the entire community. 

And, these are the things I want to see in Mosul: Cinemas, Theaters, Music Schools, Museums, Ballet schools and finally an Opera House. I dedicated my life to achieve these goals, if I couldn’t achieve them in my life, someone will continue. Oneday they will come true. #Mosul2019


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