Mosul Recovery: Honey production in Mosul reaches a record 48,000 kilograms

In 2018, apiculture in Mosul reached record-level honey production of 48,000 kilograms since the occupation of the city by ISIS. Since 2014, large numbers of farms were destroyed across Nineveh.

There are around 800 beekeepers in Mosul and surrounding Nineveh Province who produce honey for local markets across Iraq. In 2014, many of the beekeepers fled the city or had their farms destroyed by ISIS. The reviving of the honey production contributes directly to the revival of the agricultural sector and local markets, also providing more jobs in the city.


  1. […] after the end of ISIS’s bloody occupation of Mosul the local bees and their beekeepers produced record amounts of honey: ‘hope in a jar’, as she puts it. Bees (like flowers) can flourish in the wild, but they […]

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