Mosul Recovery: The heart of Mosul’s old bazaars is back

Souq Bab Al Saray is the heart of the bazaars in Old Mosul. The markets were heavily damaged during the battle to retake the city from ISIS. Since the liberation of Mosul, however, residents have taken it upon themselves to launch a social initiative to recover the markets.

These economic spaces have historically been an important meeting place. Mosul’s traditional houses were built near the markets because the Old City was the commercial center of northern Iraq and trade took place in the Old Souq of Mosul. Thus most wealthy Mosul residents built their houses nearby and along the Tigris River. Rehabilitating this area today is key to developing a local bustling economy again and stabilization efforts. Mosul’s artisans are also an important element connecting culture and commerce, identity and heritage, and hold much potential for the city’s recovery.

Photos from Jan 6, 2019:

They worked hard to recover it and now nearly fifty percent of the markets are back to work again.

We have followed the recovery of the Old Bazaars since early 2018. You can follow them here:

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