Four (Iran affiliated) Sunni MPs might have visited Israel recently

The Isreal based Arabic account on twitter said that three delegations from Iraq (Sunni and Shia) have visited Isreal recently for cultural purposes.

People of Mosul did not welcome nor they oppose the visit.

The four Sunni MPs are suggested to be Abdulrahman alliwaizi, Khalid al Mifarji, Abdulrahim al Shammari and Khalid al Mufarji. All are known of very strong ties with Iran, and are not very well welcomed among the people of Mosul.

Many Iraqis have publicly visited Isreal recently including Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who was captured by ISIS, and recently won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Another Isreali account have published the names of the Iraqi politicians who visited Israel, among them four Sunni MPs who are known of their affiliation and support of Iran.

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