Father Najeeb is the new archbishop to lead the Chaldean Church in Mosul

I am so happy to see my friend father Najeeb Michael is appointed the archbishop of #Mosul. He sent me these photos of him. I am going to meet him soon. People from Mosul told me that they are so happy for him, he is well known and respected in Mosul. Congratulations. #Mosul2019

He is well known among the academics of Mosul and Iraq as an archivist who ran the Monastery of the Dominican Fathers in Mosul and its library. He helped them translating documents from French, Latin and Syriac into Arabic. Many of the currently professors at Mosul university have known him for his passion to manuscripts.

I met father Njaeeb in Europe several times and he gifted me his book: ‘Sauver les livres et les hommes‘.

Appointing such a man in such a critical pried of Mosul history is so important to support and encourage the peaceful relation between Mosul communities and to reclaim the coexistence the Mosul enjoyed for centuries.

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